Just wanted to alert you that two big Northeast-based acts you may not know about (but should) will be on the bill of Sunday Night Writers at the Bluebird Feb. 26.

One is Red Molly - a trio of women who do Americana harmonies with dobro and straight guitar, country, folk, (and maybe a little of pop too) in the material, all very well done. They are pretty big up and down the East coast.

I also recommend Tracy Grammer, who mostly plays New England, California, and Oregon. She is a solo female with guitar and violin, best known as one half of the former duo Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer. Carter passed away in 2002, 10 years ago. She has been carrying the flame of his writing since, so it is likely she will use her Bluebird set to show his stuff. However, she has been experimenting with her own writing recently (strongly encouraged by us fans)...so you never know. Either way, she is a fantastic singer and performer and will not disappoint.

These are people who are not usually in Nashville, and I am a fan of both acts, so this is my little promo for them. Enjoy!