Hi Folks,

We're back from our 2011 JPF Roadtrip Tour. It was met by more challenges than probably all previous trips combined, so I have to say that I am actually glad to be back home with it all behins us. We did meet some great people, saw some amazing places along the way. We missed some folks too, which I regret, but I hope to catch them on a future trip. We did manage to make it to Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, San Marino, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Austria. We've now visited the 4 smallest countries in the world. We'll get to number 5 next time I think.

We have lots of stuff coming up, but first we need to get a working website up and running. That will be my first focus. We'll go from there.

Back in the US of A... you don't know how lucky I am boy... back in the US... back in the US.. Back in the US of A!


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