Prepare Yourself

Even now,as you stand outside the door
Believe in Him,or be lost forevermore

C: Prepare yourself,for the coming of the King

He gave His life for you,what more could He do

To show His Love is above all earthly things

He came once before,He’ll be here once more

For He is the King

Many Times,as we started to stray
Jesus was there,to show us the way
Time is short,to save all who are lost
If we fail,death will be the cost

©John Baker 2010

Last edited by AJ Baker; 10/18/11 05:10 PM.

Life was once a beautiful thing when we were able to live it.Love is such a beautiful thing when we are able to give it.Time alas has no meaning when there is no time but it takes but a moment for one to be so kind