THURSDAY, JULY 28, Iíll be playing solo at BRIDGEPORT WHOLE FOODS, 7380 SW Bridgeport Rd., Tigard. Itís a barbecue, a benefit for the Willamette Writers Group (and specifically for the awards program for kids). The barbecue starts at 4 p.m. and runs till 7 p.m.; Iím on at 5.

This is the first time Iíve been able to break into the Willamette Writers Group; Iím not the entertainment for the annual conference itself, but the benefit barbecue is important, and Iím glad theyíre having me do it. I do hope you can come. (If youíre in, or going to be in, the Portland area, itíll be easy.)

Since this is a writersí event, a barbecue, and a benefit for kids, Iíll be doing some songs about writing, songs about food, and songs for kids. Expect the usual run-of-the-mill songs about death, lost love, betrayal, religion, and dead animals, too. I will have copies of the Deathgrass album with me, and you can purchase one if you havenít done so already. (They make great gifts, too.)

DIRECTIONS: If youíre coming from the north (Portland), take Exit 290 off I-5 and turn right on Lower Boones Ferry Road. At the first intersection, Lower Boones Ferry Rd. angles off to the left; if you keep going straight, youíre on Bridgeport Rd., and only a block and a half from Bridgeport Whole Foods, which will be on your left, across from Bridgeport Plaza. (And if youíre coming from the southóSalem, Eugene, &c.óget off at Exit 290 and turn LEFT on Lower Boones Ferry Rd. Rest of the directions are the same.)

Gate fee for the barbecue is $5. Theyíre also soliciting donations of new or used books for the Willamette Writers Books for Kids program. Got any? Bring Ďem. Hope to see you there.


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