Hello to all the Tampa JPF! Rob Sweet from down in Key West here. Since being so fortunate to meet you guys at the Proud Lion a couple of years ago (sorry for not making it last year Al, thanks again for the invite though!) I've had the great pleasure and opportunity to work with two of Key West's finest instrumentalists, mandolin player Steve Gibson and bassist Dr. Joe Pepper.
We've been performing as the trio The Real Malloys for a couple of months now and the hard work is starting to pay off. Tonight at 7pm on Island 107.1 FM (island107.com for those of you on the interwebs) we'll be doing some picking and yapping on the Locals Mic Night hosted by the one and only Big D. So, for those of you looking to hear some good stuff on a Wed. night, consider this your formal invitation from the boys in the band.
Thanks so much for the support that you all show for each other. I know I don't post on here but once in a blue moon but, well, lately there just hasn't been much to report. I've found one can only gripe over rejection letters and phone calls for so long before it becomes just another bad habit. In this ridiculous business of music it's always refreshing to see the real side of it all; people who like to make music getting together with those of like mind leaving ambition and ego somewhere far, far away.
Hope you can tune in this evening, thanks again for all your kindness and inspiration!

Way down south,
Rob Sweet

" Show business is a heart breaking thing. If you got good tone, you can get through the gig." ~ Ray Wylie Hubbard