"The Heart of a Song" A Songwriting Workshop with Tret Fure
Saturday, September 17, 1-5pm
Cost: $48

Through guided exercises, explore the heart of your song and the song of your heart. Facilitated by legendary Singer/Songwriter Tret Fure, the group will work collaboratively and individually.

The day will start by writing a song as a group after which we will each write the song we wish to share. You may bring a song you are working on or start a new song using s guided subject or a topic of your own choosing.

No prior songwriting experience is necessary.

Please bring your instrument, even if it is just your voice and a writing journal. Tret also recommends bringing a rhyming dictionary.

Bonus! Tret will be performing live at Crossings later this evening at 7:30pm.
Workshop attendees: see the concert for $13!
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<image002.gif>Tret Fure’s career spans 4 decades. In the early 80s, Tret left the mainstream music industry. Armed with a fierce desire to retain full artistic control, she began exploring the independent side of the industry and soon discovered the blossoming genre known as Women’s Music. She has been a major player in that field ever since, recording with and producing some of the best of women’s music. She worked as a duo with Cris Williamson throughout the 90s releasing 3 CDs together during those years. Now after 4 acoustic releases on her own label, Tomboy girl Records, she has re-established herself in the folk world winning the 2004 South Florida Folk Festival Singer/Songwriter Competition in 2 out of 3 categories.