Riveting Riffs Magazine is looking for one, possibly two film reviewers in the San Diego area. You would receive a pair of free tickets and see the movies before the general public. In return you would provide us with a 400 600 word review within 48 hours. If you are in the arts (but not an agent, publicist or manager) you will receive a two three line bio at the bottom of the review, a link to your website, a photo headshot if you wish and of course your name on the review. I want to make clear we do not pay for the reviews. In the past, this has been of interest to individuals who are trying to create more awareness of their writing or if they are in the arts, the links etc, usually serve as good exposure for them.
Occasionally, there are red carpet events in San Diego that you may have an opportunity to attend.
Riveting Riffs Magazine enjoys relationships with most of the major film studios and some of the larger independent studios. We also enjoy an outstanding reputation in the theater and music communities, and to a lesser degree in fashion.
Check out the magazine before replying www.rivetingriffs.com and if you are both interested and have good writing skills then contact us at: rivetingriffs@rivetingriffs.com