On Tuesday, February 22, 2011 the Buffalo/Niagara Just Plain Folks had a meeting at Clarence Center Coffee. Attending were Stuart Shapiro, John Kloberdanz, Roger Draper, Jay Jerose, and Matt Surowiec.

Tonawanda Folk Festival - We began discussions about the 2011 Tonawanda Folk Festival (TFF). JPF will once again be a sponsor for the music portion of the Festival, which is scheduled for June 4 and 5.

For both of the two years that JPF has been involved with the TFF, Saturday has been mainly devoted to adult music with Sunday focused on other arts. Matt said that in 2011 he would like to mix up the entertainment, with adult music being interspersed both days. Because of this, he suggested that rather than have one person responsible for the booking/introducing each day's acts that this duty be divided up between two people each day (four people total). Matt is getting a great number of inquiries from performers and also wants to begin booking acts sooner than in 2010.

John was very supportive of all this. John did say that it could be cumbersome to coordinate scheduling between different people on the same day, and that we should have a way of doing this that will minimize confusion or duplication of efforts.

We also discussed other ideas for this years TFF. One idea was having two stages, with the bandshell being the "main stage", but also having a second stage where possibly newer performers could perform while the main stage is being changed. This would also give more acts the opportunity to perform. Issues that would have to be resolved would be the location of the second stage as well as electricity.

We also discussed set lengths, which would probably not be less than half an hour per act. Matt said he likes the half hour length.

One other issue that was discussed was the possibility of John approaching M&T Bank for some level of support. John and Matt will be following up on this outside of the JPF meetings.

UB Jam Club - This is Jay's last semester at UB, and we expressed our gratitude to Jay for being so supportive of JPF and our partnership with the Jammies. Jay said that a new Jam Club President has been identified, and he will bring the new President to the next JPF meeting to meet the group.

Producing & Selling Music Seminar - Although time is limited, there is the possibility that we might be able to have a spring seminar at UB. Jay said that the best day for the Jam Club is Sunday, April 10. Earlier than that is probably not practical due to the short time frame for publicity. John will contact Anthony Casuccio, President of Xtreamaudio, who had contacted him in the fall about speaking.

(Post-meeting note: John will be away on Sunday, April 17, and Sunday, April 24 is Easter Sunday. As the UB semester will be ending very soon after that, this means that if the April 10 date does not work then we will be looking at our next seminar being in the fall.)

2011 Ideas - John said that he had gotten some feedback regarding what they would like to see JPF do in 2011. There was not time to share it in this meeting, so he will share it on the message board and/or the next meeting.

Bill Neubauer's Guitars/Equipment - John was asked by Erica Neubauer to share a list of the guitars and musical equipment that was owned by our friend Bill, which she is now selling. This list was passed among the members in attendance. John has asked Erica if she would like him to post this information and her email address on the message board, which he will do if given permission.

Next Meeting: We will have our next meeting on Tuesday, March 22, 2011, 7:00 p.m. at Clarence Center Coffee.