A personal piece for me and also a leap of faith (I usually look for strong rhymes). I think a good melody would work with the verses.
(a quick thanks to Dottie......you know what for!!)

"Take a deep breath"

I've got an idea whats going on inside your head,
and I know you're big enough to handle it.
I've seen you deal with the window cleaner
when he tried to rip you off.

It's not easy for me to sit here while you're down,
It's like watching MTV on the telly.
I can only change the subject for so long
before the same record plays again.

So for now just take a deep breath,
let it out with all your cares.
I'll hold you in the firelight,
run my fingers through your hair.
We'll listen to our music,
like so many times before,
close your eyes, take a deep breath,
say a prayer and let it go...

I knew that we'd get round to this day eventually,
when the person that you need can't be here.
I don't think you were ready for it,
but can you ever really be ready?

It's true that you now have a decision to make,
that will reflect in each day of your life.
One will bind you to your sadness for ever,
the other will set you free.


I know that I can't fill the hole thats in your life,
and you will never be the woman that you were,
but I'm strong enough to hold onto your hand
when you look in to that void.

Look around, we're exactly where we're meant to be,
all that has happened will have happened anyway.
You can't grow up without having growing pains,
and it's through pain, that we grow...

chorus x2

copyright Gary Parr 2010 all rights reserved.