Cathedral Recitals, Friday, Oct. 29th, 2010 at 12:30pm

Paul B. Schmid, Electric Bass

This recital is dedicated to the Baird family, whose contributions to the Musical life of Buffalo throughout the years are incalculable.


1.Sarabande and Fartch… a composition in two sections. The first is taken from a Handle Keyboard Suite, and the second section is original.

2. Dedication (Taps)- an original piece.

3. 10th…. based on the interval of the tenth… and octave plus a third.

4. Little Help From My Friends… Written by the Beatles, the Joe Cocker version performed at Woodstock was the quintessential rock performance of the 20th century. The arrangement makes use of both the Beatles and Cocker approaches.

5. Rondo… in the classical “rondo” form: A, B, A C, A, D…

6. Problem Child… energetic, agitated and a bit moody.

7. Allegretto… from Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony.

8. Orphan… staring out meekly, ending strong.

Paul Schmid is a former member of the Buffalo Philharmonic bass section, a graduate of SUNY Fredonia and Buffalo, and former Classical Music Contributing Reviewer for the Buffalo News. He is the winner of the 1974 Northeastern Collegiate Jazz Competition and the Artvoice “Artist of the Week” in June 2005.

He is playing a 1969 Precision bass with Markley flatwound strings threw a GBX amplifier with two 15 in. speakers. His works can be found on: Youtube solowbass.