New or used:Used
Model:Master Built Custom Shop 1969 Closet Classic
Year :12/13/07
Are you confident of the production year:Yes
Serial Number :JC949
Country of origin :USA
History :one off,custom order
Right or left handed :Left
Weight : 7lbs13oz
Overall condition :10/10
Describe your item's overall condition in detail. :closet classic finish with light nicks and scratchs that don't show in pictures.
Number of Strings :6
Neck Date/Code :12/13/07
Material of Fingerboard :flamed maple
Description of fret wear :None
Color: black
Finish/lacquer originality:Original Finish
Condition of Lacquer/Finish :mint condition
Electronics Originality :69 pickups,Abby handwound
Electronics in working condition? yes
Fret Originality :Original Frets
Tuners Originality :Original
Bridge Originality :Original Bridge
Repairs previously done :none
Repairs needed :none
Detailed Description of any cracks in wood :none
Describe any non-original or replaced parts. :none
Case :Original Hard
List any missing pieces :none
Other features/info:lefty strung righty,two piece Alder body,52 style U shaped neck,AAA Flamed maple neck,vintage frets.
Describe any accessories or extras included.: Certificate of Authenticity, case candy
Pictures and more details listed :