We are NOT a top-40 cover band. If what you want, as an "Artist" is to play someone else's music, the way they played it on a recording once, then we don't have much in common. We develop original music, and we're looking for like-minded artists. Our rhythm section is locked in, and we have a sick lead guitarist. What we're looking for now is specialized instrumentation to round out our sound and bring new rich tones to what we do. We want fiddle, we want steel, we want banjo, we want dobro - and we want passion. We're not looking for those who want to just play along with the rhythm. Be ready to create your own parts. Be ready to stretch yourself. We're not going to be "making the rounds" in the local bars, playing covers for three or four hours, and occasionally throwing in something of our own. We've set ourselves up to open for established acts, those who are already on tour and coming through town. Also, we'll be looking to get to touring ourselves. If these are things you're ready to jump into, let us hear from you.

It isn't important to us whether you're a student/recent graduate, or a fifteen year veteran - what matters to us is your skill and passion for the music.

Contact us if you are:

DEVELOPMENT ready - we workshop our songs, and will ask you to come in with parts in mind. Some will be accepted, some won't. But we definitely don't want you to simply "play with the click."
STUDIO ready - we want to record as soon as possible.
TOUR ready - you must be ready to hit the road. If you're going to balk when we book gigs in Arizona and Nevada, don't bother contacting us.
BAND ready - We put the band first, and expect the same. We expect you to be at rehearsals. We expect you to practice outside of that as well. We're not interested in "weekend warriors."

No Musicians for Hire: Every member of the band gives of his time and his talent for the success of the band. We split costs when necessary, and we split profits as well. I'm not going to pay you to come to rehearsals and gigs, and then tell the rest of the band that their time and talent aren't as valuable. We understand the Artist-for-hire philosophy: you'd rather be at home watching tv than playing your instrument for free. Great. Enjoy your Seinfeld reruns, we'll be making music.

If you want to push yourself, make some good music, and really give this music business a run, drop us a line.