Verse 1: Its 1:00 AM and Im at the laundry mat

Watching my clothes tumble and thinking back

On all the times weve had, the good and the bad

All that weve been through and how I still love you

And I begin to see, what we have is meant to be

Were supposed to be together, thats what I believe


Weve climbed mountains, swam across the ocean

Jumped off of the edge just caught up in the moment

Weve been around the world, Holding each other tight

Made it through fight after fight after fight

But if you ask me

ABC and One Two Three

Are not even as easy

As you and me

Verse 2:

I add a few more quarters, and pick up my guitar

Play a few chords and sing a few bars

About the blessing placed upon my life

That angel who loves me and wants to be my wife

And about all of the struggles we have come to know

And the strength that our relationship shows
Bridge: Our problems are bound to cause us pain, we will go through sunshine and rain
Chorus: (Future Tense) last line = If you ask me its easy to see the only thing in this world thats guaranteed is you and me.

Nick W.