Just a quick recap of my band's show @ Smiths Olde Bar on Sunday, July 27:

I've done many shows at Smiths over the years, upstairs in the main room and in the smaller Atlanta Room. But this was my first time as the bookee. It went very smoothly (upstairs, main stage). Two bands opened then mine headlined. Barry Richman showed up, which blew me away. I never expected him to come, but he did. Local legend, played with The Allman Bros., Eric Johnson, ... the list is endless. So when I turned around in the dressing room and saw him standing there I was stupified. I invited him onstage for two songs and it was awesome, the crowd went wild. He later commented that I was "awesome" which made me feel great smile

I guess that about wraps it up. I don't really know what else to say ... except ... thanks to all who came and supported us!