This is one of my favorite singer/songwriter venues around.

Michael Campbell is the owner and one heck of a nice guy. He always has cool music there and is a big supporter of siger/songwriters.

He has a lot going on at the club this week, so I'm going to post his events here.

Get out and check out this cool hangout. He puts out a newsletter each week with all the upcoming events - here is what is coming up:

"Dear Micksters,

Tonight, Benson lives up to its rep as an entertainment district. The OEA Summer Jam hosts a zillion local musicians across six walking-distance venues, all for $10. We did this last fall and had the best time picking and choosing what to see. Artists will be considered for next January's Omaha Entertainment Awards. The event starts at 7pm. Check our website for details.

Saturday night, catch the return of Ross Christopher, the amazing Kansas City multi-instrumentalist who's known for ripping up the electric violin.

Sunday, feast all your senses. Sunday Roadhouse presents Jon Dee Graham at 5pm. I could tell you all about him but Dean of Sunday Roadhouse does it so much better. There are a lot of photos so I didn't copy it this email, but you can click here to read his entire letter. And ohhhh, this Roadhouse show is being catered by the soon-to-be legendary Peckerwood Barbecue. Mmmmmm. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes . . . we're only missing touch, right? Just ask, and I'll give you a hug, or a knuckle-knock, or something.

Sleeper surprise of the week: next Wednesday, early show at 7:30pm: do not miss The Orange Mighty Trio. Chamber music by irreverent punks. Check them out on our website. A lot of you wanted an earlier show. Prove it.

Michael Campbell
Mick's Music & Bar "