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#633281 - 07/13/08 04:29 PM "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...}  
Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 29,275
"Tampa Stan" Good (D) Offline
Top 10 Poster
"Tampa Stan" Good (D)  Offline
Top 10 Poster

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 29,275
Tampa, Florida since 1973
{I kinda enjoy kickin' back every Friday Night with a beer & bowl of Popcorn & tuning into World Wrestlin' Entertainment's "Friday Night Smackdown" on our Channel 44 here. AND I'm aware they've made BIG Efforts to get the GALS interested in "What's Going On"

But of-late, the "Backstory" between the Female General Manager & her Romancin' the "Bad Boy" Star has overtaken the Wrestling Aspect of the Show, so I penned My Thoughts About It..not that it's all that Important...or even Commercial...but, JMO, SOMEBODY Hadda Say It....}

I Like Watchin' SMACKDOWN on a Friday Night
I LIKE Tunin'-In & Watchin' 2-Guys-Fight
But LATELY It's Soap Opera and "Who-Loves-WHO?"
And an "Off-&-On MARRIAGE", (What's a FAN to DO?)

(I Want A Little More ACTION)
As "Love-Matches" Gain Traction
ALL this "Vicki-Guererra-Business" Kinda SUCKS
(So Much "Back-Story CRAP")

'Sure MISS Those Days of HOGAN and The BIG BOSS MAN
(Their LONG Cage-Match-FALL Pumped MY Adrenolin)
NOW We Got a Fightin' IRISH and his DWARF SON
Swingin' Sha-lay-lees..(Beatin' EVERYONE~)

Tho "They're CUTE..in GREEN"
(It's Such a Jiggy..Scene)
I Like "Deuce" & "Domino" (At Least THEY Brawl!)
Hey, PLEASE Get In MORE Wrasslin' Before Curtains Call

(Yes I KNOW) It's World Wrestlin' ENTERTAINMENT
And a LOT is Staged
BUT Keep It To ATHLETICS (OR Turn-The-Page!)
I Don't Mind The DIVAS

So Next Week DO AWAY With 15 Minutes OF CHAT
THAT'D Give You TIME for at Least One-MORE-MATCH
An Extra-Commercial, I Won't Object
'Long as The Squared-Circle sees some Bodies-CONNECT!

Keep The Fights In The RING
Weddings AREN'T TOO Interesting
& These "Days Of Our Lives" Stuff
Let's Grab a STEEL CHAIR
Grab 'Em BY The Short Hairs
Pound 'Em Un-Mercif'ly; Toss 'Em Around
& Twist Their Arms TIGHT
'Till Rasslin' Throws-Down!

(C) 2008 by Stan Good, BMI
Al Rights Reserved.

Last edited by "TampaStan" Good; 07/13/08 10:49 PM.
#633355 - 07/13/08 08:33 PM Re: "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...} [Re: ]  
Joined: Jan 2001
Posts: 11,806
Bobbie Gallup (D) Offline
Top 10 Poster
Bobbie Gallup (D)  Offline
Top 10 Poster

Joined: Jan 2001
Posts: 11,806
Nashville, TN, USA
Howdy Tampa,

Ok I know this may start some kinda flap
But I gotta ask who watches this kinda crap
Where obnoxious men act like little boys
And make a lotta preening noise
With moves that are only faked to look so tough
Who really watches this kinda stuff
They grab each others places that no one should feel
Please give me something that at least is real

And that's all I gotta say about that. LOL


They'll tell you success in the music biz is all about who you know...but the truth is...it's about who knows you.

Gallup 'n Dawg Music
#633388 - 07/13/08 10:39 PM Re: "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...} [Re: Bobbie Gallup (D)]  
Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 29,275
"Tampa Stan" Good (D) Offline
Top 10 Poster
"Tampa Stan" Good (D)  Offline
Top 10 Poster

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 29,275
Tampa, Florida since 1973
Wot can I say...It's ENTERTAINMENT.

BUT..when ya forget your CORE Audience...& try TOO Hard to Expand & get REAL Big Ratings...Ya often Suffer FOR it.

Say what ya wanna, Wrestling goes back to the Roman "Bread & Circuses Days"...&..Entertains a LOT of Not-TOO-Intellectual Folks, a good Many Who Pass for "Country".

USED to be Little Morality Plays between "Good" & "Evil" Guys...(& a fair share of Hollywood Celebs HAVE "Launched" via Wrestin' Careers).

Nowadays, it's ever More-Complicated..."Jimmy Yang Wang" (An Oriental) bills himself as a "Redneck"..(Complete with Jeans, Cowboy Boots & Wife-beater Undy-shirt)--& is LOTS of FUN to watch in-action...the guy CAN actually Wrestle!) They matched him up against an Undefeated Russian Brawler 2 weeks-back, & tho Jimmy lost, he gave the Ruskie a mutual beating before he lost.

ALL of which was probably Staged-in-Advance..(Tho I've got a few WWE Officials for Customers & KNOW that "IF either Side gets Peeved, ALL Bets are Off/it gets truly Every-Man-for-Himself.")

Which DOES make the Events..eventually...Kinda "Honest"..when ya least expect it. Which I truly Enjoy.

It's NOT a "Cerebral Thing"...it's VERY Primeval..& GUYS like it.

Ted Turner started the Whole Shebang, years ago..on TBS. Smart Fellah! Dunno if Ted's STILL behind it, but nowadays the WWF(ederation) has its own Fan-zine, Sells out BIG Stadiums...(World-wide, I'll add)..& each Wrestler has his OWN Theme Song....(WWE even has several Rock Groups Under-Contract/Sells CDS on a Regular Basis.)

So...consider writin' some Heavy Metal...they're always lookin' for New Theme Songs as the Ol' Wrestlers get Faded-Away!

And...I think they'll be movin' to ABC TV in November (!)...so get ready for even MORE Viewers watchin' those "Obnoxious Men" come Friday Nights!

They NOW have GALS Wrestling...(Don't Laugh...they really CAN!)..& SOME of them Aren't Bad to Look At/Are QUITE Athletic.
THAT I'm fond of...the ONE match per week amongst The "Divas".

BUT...like I said...there's more NON-Wrestling Crappola going on weekly to entice You Gals IN than THIS particular Male really Enjoys. & I DOUBT I am the Only One who's peeved.

So..at the Risk I'll get whupped by You Gals Who've YET to WATCH this Stuff...(So know NADA what you're gettin'-into)...I'll state my case.

Currently, TV's programming "American Gladiators"..."I Survived A Japanese Game Show"..and a few more "Athletic Competitive Reality Events"..all hoping to capture a Fan Base. But NONE has survived like the TV Wrasslin' Matches..year-after-year.

I rather like it because it's NOT "Intellectual"...heh!
It's LOTS faster than NASCAR...requires SKILL to take those Falls & Poundings..(or to make it Look like It's Real)..& these palookas ARE Heros to many a Little Kid in the Audience..(Some of whom DO make regular Hospital Visits to needy kids.)

So...I invite ya to actually WATCH a show...or two...THEN judge-away. After a Week of having to be Nice to Evabody, it's great Therapy to watch a GOOD Body-Slam...or Two..on TV.."Real" or Not~!

JMO..& BPH...Thanks for Your Kind Visit & Poetic Wisdom SBL~!

Happy Almost-Monday,

#633447 - 07/14/08 01:33 AM Re: "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...} [Re: ]  
Joined: Jul 2005
Posts: 12,028
Scott Campbell Offline
Scott Campbell  Offline

Top 10 Poster

Joined: Jul 2005
Posts: 12,028
Lakeland, FL, USA
LOL Stan - My favorites of yours are when you're venting about something grin

I haven't watched wrestling since the days of George Steele and his sleeper hold - so I didn't get some of the references. But I expect the folks who watch it would...

But if they are turning wrestling into soap opera, well then, yes, someone HAS to write a song about it. smile

Enjoyed reading that - what's a sha-lay-lee?


#633468 - 07/14/08 03:07 AM Re: "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...} [Re: Scott Campbell]  
Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 29,275
"Tampa Stan" Good (D) Offline
Top 10 Poster
"Tampa Stan" Good (D)  Offline
Top 10 Poster

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 29,275
Tampa, Florida since 1973
HiDee Neighbor!

I spelled it Phonetically, 'cuz I'd never HAVE written it Right without checkin' an Irish-to-English Dictionary, which I just did:

It's spelled "shelaighlee" (Tho my Spellcheck's got a BIG red Underline under it..heh!) It's a stick (with a fair sized KNOT on the Business End) for whackin' Leprechauns to get their Gold from 'em. OR..heh..for winning Rasslin' Matches when the Referee's not lookin'...;-)>

Other Fun Things I Learned at the Irish Site:

"Alco" means someone Constantly-Drunk...
"As sick as a small hospital"..is a Great Irish Phrase..
&..."I Did It Arseways" (All messed-up) just BEGS for a Parody to Paul Anka's Sinatra-Hit! (Also kinda loved "At It"...the Irish Euphemism for Lovemaking!)

"Shelaighlee" when-Googled ALSO turned up "Chris Reviews Smackdown"...where a guy named Chris REVIEWS all the Fri. Night Goings-On & actually RATES the Broadcast..("6.something-or-other outta 10" last Fri!)

AND..if you're leaning towards Catching-Up on TV Wrestling, ya sign up at <http://newagewrestling.niceboard.com> and thar-ya-be!

These New Dudes are walkin' Steroid Ads..but hey, it's all Entertainment..(& there's a John Morrison who looks LOTS like JIM Morrison...I think there IS a lot there to "Entertain The Ladies" WITHOUT the need for Too Much Phony-Baloney Drama.)

So..Tune In Locally at Channel 44...8PM..Friday Nite...(After ya've popped a good Bowl of Popcorn..& a Pop Top, too!) WAYYY cheaper than The Movies..& Zero Driving Necessaire!

It DOES get Addictive...viewing-wise... They've got a good Cast of Characters..Besides the Gals..& Irishman..there's The Sneaky Guy..The Redneck (Several Varieties)..The Tattooed-all-over Polynesian Giant..The Giant from India with a Skull-Crushing Hold..The Mexican..The Russian..The Black Rapper-Dude..& Another One who's a Seriously-Talented Athlete...The Elvis-y-Bad-Boys from Da Bronx..Another Pair of Good Ol' Southern Brothers..Several Motorcycle-Badguys..& Mamas..An Arayan-Nation-y Skinhead..A Military-Hero-Type..& the Oily-Haired Adonis who's currently "World Heavyweight Champion." WHICH World...of course..remains to be Defined..but the guy IS Huge (& spits clouds of Water Vapor into the air, to impress The Kiddies..)--

The Pyrotechnics and Fuzz-tone Rock Guitar Music Beds HAVE greatly-improved from a Decade-Ago...ditto Graphics & Commentators... (They even had a Pitchman giving away $1 Mil..bit-by-bit..until 2 weeks back a Set caved-in on the Poor Fellah & he's kinda Incapacitated for a while.)

It's all-in-all like that Ol' "OUTBACK" Slogan..."Delightfully Tacky yet Unrefined"...& THIS Ol' Boy'd like to see it STAY Thataways!

It's of-course even Educational, too..I'd have never learned to spell Shelaighlee if it weren't for WWE~

Thanks for Your Kind Visite, Amigo! Congrats Again on your "Opening Day" Success, Scottster!

Big Guy-Hug,

#633476 - 07/14/08 04:01 AM Re: "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...} [Re: ]  
Joined: Dec 2000
Posts: 2,870
Harriet Ames Offline
Top 100 Poster
Harriet Ames  Offline
Top 100 Poster

Joined: Dec 2000
Posts: 2,870
Shelton, WA
well gee Stan....

since ya asked LOL

I'm siding with Bobbie
and yes...I HAVE watched rasslin....
well it's been a long time.....
back when I was about 10 (give or take) my whole family were big fans of watching the "Northwest Championship wresting" fought and broadcast in Seattle. We even went to a match one weekend. (they would broadcast the first hour of matches... but never the battle royales...or later matches)

Yes.... I really liked it.... and even figured I might be pretty good at wresting.... (yeah we aspire to greatness as kids, eh?)
but I tend to look at all of that the same way I think of burping on command in public.... I've outgrown it decades ago... and find I'm so ...how should I put this.... beyond that?
it's merely part of my youth.....and I think (hope?) I grew up.

but hey Stan.... enjoy it if you find it entertaining....

oh... one more thing.... why would I want to watch some guy who wears a "wife beater" t-shirt ?

Last edited by Harriet Ames; 07/14/08 12:20 PM.
#633620 - 07/14/08 01:28 PM Re: "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...} [Re: Harriet Ames]  
Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 29,275
"Tampa Stan" Good (D) Offline
Top 10 Poster
"Tampa Stan" Good (D)  Offline
Top 10 Poster

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 29,275
Tampa, Florida since 1973
G'Mornin' Mz Harriet!

Hey, I, too, stayed away from watchin' This Kinda Stuff for AGES, betewwn the '80's & Just-Recently.

But..Fri Nites, we-uns no longer have The Loot for Movie-seeing...&..this is (for Me, anyways) The Most Entertainment for FREE I can come up with. And...I've frankly grown to Like It Again...it's Anything BUT Boring. (Except for the Backstory BS, now!)

Of course, OTHERS may enjoy Big Truck Rallies..or NASCAR Racing..with the Possibility that Men & Machines get trashed..for Real...for THIER Entertainment. It's a Free Country..go for it~!

The Guy the "Wifebeater" Undershirt is an Oriental...comes out to REAL Down-Hime Country Music, 2-Steps his way to the Ring, and is the Funniest-LOOKING Redneck you ever saw..bein' an ASIAN Dude.

BUT..he can also Out-Wrestle guys 100 lbs HEAVIER than himself, & the Russian Brawler he slammed around recently had never before HAD any serious competition. The guy's usually cast as an "Underdog"...& it woulda been great to see him whup the Russkie..but, alas he didn't.

But were we Entertained? You Betcha!

I, too, THOUGHT I was "Beyond" enjoying what passes for Blood Sports...but, to me, wrestling requires as much Brain to win as it takes Brawn It's far more Art-ful than Boxing..tho even that requires "Finesse"..& I'd still LOVE to watch Ali-Frazier duke t out if they were Younger Guys again.

What's "In It" for You Gals is a lotta GUYS with NO Undershirts pumpin' & sweatin' away...Take Your Pick..heh!

Best Wishes & a Big Hug,

#633641 - 07/14/08 02:53 PM Re: "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...} [Re: ]  
Joined: Apr 2007
Posts: 7,386
Beth G. Williams Offline
Beth G. Williams  Offline

Top 30 Poster

Joined: Apr 2007
Posts: 7,386
Hey Stanerooski,

Been meaning to chime in on this one, but with the board down and all, and trying to pack up to come home from Maine last night, I been a might busy....

Anyhoo, wrestling. What can one say? Either you like it or you don't...no big deal in my mind. I have always found it a bit moronic, but again, if it's entertaining someone, then it's officially entertainment (sort of the American Idol of the sporting world? hee hee, that was for Big Jim, if he's reading... wink ).

We had a family friend who came straight from Italy, and lived as a bachelor til he was 98. Built himself a house out of STONES...and spent his free time making knickknacks with sea-shells. Kept in his back seat the most incredible miniature church he had made, with a couple getting married inside...he was very gifted with his hands.

At any rate, he was a devout fan of wrestling...and would not hear a WORD from anyone that it might be fake. So again, who are we to judge?

Finally, I was never a big fan of Hulk Hogan...but I will admit to watching a bit of "Hogan Knows Best" on TV, and he seems like a fairly decent (albeit over protective, perhaps even territorial) father/husband...and I was quite distressed to hear about the very public falling out he has had with his wife (whom, I might add, I never cared for...). He just looks so sad now.

So, that's my two cents. I totally get what you're saying...it's like, enough of the fluff, let's get to the show baby! It should be one of those..."if you want to know MORE about what's happening between the two lovebirds, be sure to go to WWF.com for all the latest....." Get some hits on their site, blah blah blah.

Oh well, on that note, it's lunch time. Thanks for the lesson!

Mz. O



"Fill what's empty, empty what's full, and scratch where it itches."
#633650 - 07/14/08 03:21 PM Re: "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...} [Re: Beth G. Williams]  
Joined: Oct 2007
Posts: 3,865
Caroline Offline
Top 100 Poster
Caroline  Offline
Top 100 Poster

Joined: Oct 2007
Posts: 3,865
Like Scott, I haven't watched since George The Animal Steele was on. Superfly Snuka was my fave though at the time. Well, Andre the Giant was too. Anyway, not the point. A lot of things have turned off of what they once were, roller derby has taken this soap opera route, so I don't watch it either. I love the vent/lyric. If I were to watch it, I'd probably be disgusted too. I've seen commercials for the programs and can't seem to be interested.

Kudos on a well written vent!!



Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them! (Dove Dark Chocolate)
#633685 - 07/14/08 04:50 PM Re: "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...} [Re: Beth G. Williams]  
Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 29,275
"Tampa Stan" Good (D) Offline
Top 10 Poster
"Tampa Stan" Good (D)  Offline
Top 10 Poster

Joined: Jul 2010
Posts: 29,275
Tampa, Florida since 1973
HiDee Mz O!

I pride myself on being a (Mostly) Very Logical Person. But..I'll be the FIRST to admit, there's really NO Logic to LIKING Wrestling, other than I'm FOND of Competition/Fitness/(& Babes!).

& Lo & Behold..ALL 3 make Weekly-Appearances...& I get to lean back, deep in the Overstuffed Leather Sofa, sip a Cold One, Munch on Popcorn, and just Kick Back & Enjoy!

Just fixed a couplea clocks for Nick Cutro...a Jazz Musician from an ol' Tampa Cigar Family...& got a nice Fistfulla Fine Cigars...(Another of My Guilty Pleasures!) Of Amberbocks, Cigars, & Wrasslin'...I think Wrasslin's the Least Deadly of my 3 Vices...(Now that I've retired from Womanizin'..heh!) ;-)>

Yep, I feel sorry for The Hulkster...but The Media loves to Build 'Em Up so they can Tear 'Em Down. He's sure havin' a bad couplea years, lately...all Family-Caused/not Really HIS Fault, as far as I can see. He's at least got a TV Job announcin' on the American Gladiator show. HOPE he can get out of the $2+Mil Condo Deal his about to be Ex- wants him to finish financin'...tho I think he loses $800K if he does back out of it. Ya KNOW "Times are Tough All Over" when Ed McMahon's gettin' HIS House Foreclosed-On!

As for the "Fakin' It" aspect...I'd bet MORE than even money they are....only got so much TIME to tape each bout/& edit + Commercials..so it FITS in the Program Time Slot. (& HOW those guys show up a Week Later, "All-Healed-Up" after some of the On-Screen Poundings, I dunno...)

But...Harry Houdini built a CAREER out of "Fakin' It"...& Nobody Really Complained. That's where some of the Artistry comes in!

The Mention of Hogan & Boss Man I stuck in...because BOTH of these guys fell on their backs from 15 feet up..& lived..to finish the match. I took a 15 foot fall from a ladder once..& it was over a YEAR before I could totally bend my left knee again.

Gravity is an absolute KILLER from that Height...if ya land wrong. They DIDN'T have "Breakaway Tables"...tho, perhaps had a wee-bit more Padding on the mat's floor...BUT it's hard to WALK on MUCH Padding, so bet there was less than 1/2 inch of foam rubber...IF any at all. One Heck of a Stunt!

They do a lotta Camera Sweeps of The Audience...& the main segment of the Crowds there ARE those good ol' everyday Hardworkin' Americans, clutchin' Hand-Lettered Cardboard Signs with "Unleash The Animal" and all sortsa Catch Phrases for Their Respective Heros. It's Mob Psychology Time...& I doubt you'll ever find a PhD in the bunch on Either Side of The Ring.

It's about as ANTI-Intellectual as it ever gets..& that's perhaps its Greatest PLUS. (& I know the "Creative" Staff there's tryin' to balance the "Venom" there with some "Lovey-Dovey"..to get more Female Viewership...but it AIN'T Working.)

Although, since I'm NOT privy to their "Numbers"...I could possibly be wrong. No Matter..I'll "Vent" just 'cuz it makes me feel better...at least 'till Next Friday Night!

Thanks for Your Kind, Understandin' Visite, Mz O~!
Big "Unfaking" Hugs,
Ol' Stan

#633694 - 07/14/08 05:08 PM Re: "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...} [Re: Caroline]  
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HIDee Sweet Ms C!

Hey...(Just for Fun)..(Just This ONCE)...why not have "JPF Night at SMACKDOWN" Next Friday Night?

Tune it IN & see whatcha THINK, Ladies?

I'll confess, La Femme heads straight into our bedroom & watches Something Else on the set in there. &..giving her her due, she IS kinda on the Intellectual-Side, speakin' 3 Languages & all that.

I think the WWE Folks are goin' NUTS tryin' to get More Female Viewership...tho (perhaps) Wrestling IS sort of a Macho-Male-THING that shouldn't be tampered-with much. Dunno...tho I DO think more gals WOULD watch it WITHOUT the BS they feed out "Plotline-Wise" these days.

See It & Report Back...time-permittin', of course! ;-)>

Thanks for Your Kind Visit & Input, Mz Caroline!
(I, too, enjoyed Andre...his "Latest Incarnation", "The Great Khali"...a 400 lb 7-foot-plus India Guy, recently ended up in a Major Motion Pic.."Get Smart". These guys ARE Smart..heh!)

Big Hugs,
"Mr Vent"

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Yes Stan, they are very smart. I think if they want more women to watch though, they should do away with the women on there. (ooh, I hear the shudders of males across the boards, "no, not the ladies, they have to stay, after all, the bikinis won't work so well for me on the big guy! Who wants to see a butt like mine is gold lame`") LOL

I think the Rock did a movie my daughter likes, but its' about football.

Personally, I have enough drama daily, I don't need more on TV and there are soaps for that if I need a fix. I prefer the womens boxing matches to the womens wrestling. Real action, real winners, etc. Sorry, I want to see blood and bruises, not cascading curls and french tips. LOL



Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them! (Dove Dark Chocolate)
#633735 - 07/14/08 07:47 PM Re: "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...} [Re: Caroline]  
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HiDee Mz C again!

So far, there's just ONE Gals' Match per Time Slot there...&..they're NOT all Barbie Dolls, Trust Me!~

They DO have several "Good-Lookers"..a Canadian Gal (Name-Forgotten Momentarily) and an American, "Michelle McCool" (OK..It's Hokey, I'll agree). Mc Cool IS a heck of a Good Wrestler/VERY Athletic.

But..she did get Whumped..BIGTIME last week by an Older/Tougher Redhead Gal who was sheer No-Nonsense...AND...I think the Over-30 Gals Out There will identify with The Redhead, who's in-line for "The Diva Championship"...first time ever. (Which I'll miss, 'cuz it's Pay-Per-View next Weekend.)

At any rate, the Gals are JUST as brutal as The Guys...& many come from Old Wrestling Families/Dad taught 'em All He Knew.

I won't say there Aren't ANY T&A Moments...but these are as good as any Catfights I've ever seen Anywhere Else. (& NONE ever win on "Good Looks"...heh!)

Our town's proud of Dwayne "The Rock",,,he's a Local! Hulk Hogan's from Clearwater area...& Dave "The Animal" Batista has some Local Roots, too...tho born in CA. Bobby "The Brain" Henan is a Customer of mine...& Mike Braun did Costumes for WWF for years...(Remember Randy Savitch's "Slim Jim" Commercials? Those "Fringy-Outfits" were Mike's Creations!)

I've yet to see a Woman's Boxing Match. (It's a SHAME to pound on a Pretty Face...no real Inspiration to watch that happen...) ;-)> WHY a Power Slam is "Acceptable" in Ladies Wrasslin', no genuine Explanation-to-offer...except the SURPRISED Expression on the Recipient is grimly-humorous..& the Finesse-in-Execution is a Marvel, Indeed.

See It...THEN Pass Judgement..that's all I'm Askin'!

I allus head to the Kitchen to Pop More Corn when the Soap Opera-cum-Commercials arrive. But when I hear that Ring Bell go "DING" I'm back in that sofa...heh!

NOT a lotta Bikinis there...It's a Family Show, truly...and a few years back I remember a few butts bein' fuzzed-out when the bikini's got ripped off in-competition. (Is a LOTTA Lycra & Spandex...LOTS!) Check it out...what more can I say!

Thanks Again, M'LadyChum!

Big Hugs,

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Garibaldi, OR USA
Well, interesting set of replies, guys and gals. Definitely shouts T.A.N.A.F.T.--There Ain't No Accounting For Taste.

I'm afraid my closest connection to pro wrestling was voting twice for Jesse Ventura for President. (I still think he would've done a better job than the competition.) I have seen these ads for wrestling matches on pay-per-view TV, and they want twenty-five bucks! Stan, movies are still cheaper than that, aren't they?

Ah, I should not complain. I like to watch antique tractor shows. And those are on late enough on TV so I know there's very few people watching.


#633876 - 07/15/08 05:05 AM Re: "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...} [Re: ]  
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Hickory, North Carolina USA
Hey Stan,
I've got a good buddy who used to be a pro wrestler down your way. He worked out of Universal a lot up till about 5 or 6 years ago. He's upset that what used to be family entertainment has turned into something you're embarrassed to take your kids to.
Nice writin'bout wrasslin. He worked with the Rock and also his Dad back in the day and can't stand Terry Hogan. They got into verbal fights on a couple of occassions. Say's he's an egotistical jerk in real life.


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Heya Stan. Interesting lyric this one, I happen to be a fan myself. Haven't been able to watch it for a while though...is Vickie still with Edge?

It's a shame, someone of Edge's caliber is stuck in that kind of story. One can't deny what he's put himself and his body through in his career. Yes, it's entertainment, but that doesn't make it fake. It's staged, but it doesn't make it fake. The impact, the falling through barbed wire and flames, falling off twenty foot or higher ladders and cages....that's all real, and he's done it all. Now he's stuck in a soap opera with Vickie, of all people? Ugh.

I have to say, on one part, that Finlay is hardly all that bad. He brawls his fair amount as well, and teaches his profession well to others. He was probably pulled in as a replacement for ole Benoit.

Another interesting point for me is that you object to the storylines. For a long time, people have been clamouring for more storylines akin to the 'Golden Era' of folks like Goldberg, Ric Flair, The Rock, and many others. On the other hand, much like music, the main theme does seem to revolve around 'love affairs'. It's fine when done right, I loved the Scott Steiner/Test rivalry. But nowadays, I'm not overly sure.

It's a shame. WWE has a lot of potentially great stars. The writers just can't seem to use them right. There was always that occasional moment when there was a really good part in the show. I wonder how it is now...hmm


P.S one last thing. I saw your comment about these guys being walking steroid ads. I have to disagree there. WWE has actually done it's best to do away with performance enhancing drugs, and has suspended without favouritism, those who have used. Including the likes of Chris Masters, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and many others. It's not neccesarily roids that makes these guys able to do what they do, as often as they do it.

Last edited by Stag; 07/15/08 06:57 AM.
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G'Mornin' BroJoe!

Here in the Bay Area, we get to watch (In-essence) Re-Runs of some of the Pay-Per-View Events..I guess..on "Friday Night Smackdown".

So..I wait a week..& it's Free! (& yep, "Senior Discount" Movie Tix are now $9-Per...not exactly a "Bargain"...tho AMC's "Moviewatcher" Club gives freebies...& about every 7-8 Movies-worth we get 1 free Ticket to FirstRun-Flix that are on-the-wane..so that's a slight "Further Discount"..of sorts.)

Not enough spare loot THIS weekend to see a Thing, alas. But we'll pop for the Batman Flick this week, I'm sure..(Assuming there IS something "left" after all the latest bills!)

I thought Jesse made a fine Governor..heh! NONE of those Atheletes is a dummy...& I'm sure ALL of 'em have good Agents these days!

I'm fonda Old Tractors...have a 1923 Cletrac Model "F" I hope to restore Someday..gracing the Backyard of the Clock Shop..heh!

In Tampa, there's a Locally-Produced (Budweiser-Sponsored!) Biker Show, on late Sun. Nites...called "Born to Ride"--Fun to watch/makes me wish I had a Bike to restore, too!

Dunno what'll happen to their Sponsorship now that the Belgiques have begun buyin' Budweiser...talk is that the Theme Parks are gonna get sold off FAST after da Buyout..& the Clydesdales are Out to Pasture..heh!

Thanks for Your Kind Visit & Words, Amigo!
Big Guy-Hug,

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Hi Little Stevie-B!

Dunno what to say about the "Kids-Worthiness" of Pro Wrastlin', but I think they still crank out a lotta "Heros"..tho, true, I dunno IF I'd like MY Kids..when they were..to emulate Brawlers & Punks.

Fortunately, most all the "Types" there seem Multi-Dimensional-enough..& The "Schemers" & "Bad-Guys" seem to eventually get their Comeuppances...which sorta IS why we Adults like to watch...& get "Hooked"...heh!

Hogan DOES seem to have that Childish Streak to him...which is probably Equal-Parts Endearing and Pain-in-the-Tuckus for those who Wish To Know Him. I've mentioned Previously I have a HS Chum who's so Good at Camera Work he gets the Center Stage Camera (Freelance now) for Major Networks for most all the Big Concerts/has met Many-a-Biggie. I asked him a few years back who was his Least Favorite to work with/Answer (After LOTS of "Friendly" Pressure): Steve Martin.

So...Artistes & Divas always have that "Public Image" that kinda melts "In-Private"..is my best guess. No real big surprise, eh?

(&..I still LIKE Steve Martin's Comedy...the guy's a Master!)

Hey, it's All "Show Biz"...

Thanks for Your Kind Visite, Amigo...& "Hats-Off" Again for "Gorilla Guerrillas". Wot a Hoot!

Big Guy-Hug,

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HiDee Bro Stag, & Thanks for the Further Insight, Amigo!

I'll apologize for the "Walking Steroids" Comment...since I know the WWE's taken a LOT of Steps to cut down on ALL Drug Use among their Cast & Crews. (It's just that the Guys DO look REALLY Pumped-Up..& it's a Credit to their Training they DO Look SO Buff that ya gotta HINT at a bitta "Cheatin'" to make the Comparison!)

Yeah, Edge IS still "Stuck with Vicki"..."Broke Up with her" 2 weeks-back/Marriage is "Off" (Sigh!)...so she scheduled him a No-Disqualification Match with "Big Show" (Who Outweighs him by around 200 lbs) in-Revenge. WAS gettin' the crap beaten out of him (a week before his PPV "Heavyweight Title" Match) when Vicki had a "Change of Heart" & stopped the fight's end/Major Hugs & Smooches Ring-Center as the Camera Faded-Out. (& that Retching Sound was me, as I penned "The Vent"..heh!)

Finlay (& "Son") are BIG Hits with The Kids there/hand out Hats & Rubber Sledgehammers before each bout..to 'em...AND Fin's really an enjoyable Brawler to watch. His midget "Sidekick" is Fun..in Small Doses. They keep expanding "Sonny's" part, tho..& I liked him better when he hid UNDER the Mat & only OCCASIONALLY "Popped Up to Help"... NOW the "Kid" sails thru the air & gets the "Pin"...(Give me & Credibility a BREAK~) ;-)>

Dave "Batista" is now at RAW..(Which is on Mon. Night, Cable..so That I Miss)..WAS a main draw for ages/I already miss watchin' the guy..but he wasn't winning a lot lately, Plotline-Wise. Been replaced by "Triple H"...as Stud-In-Chief. &, to the new guy's credit...he's a good "foil" for Edge to battle with/looks fairly impressive.

& that's where it stands now... (They also got rid of a Masked Mexican Rassler (Name Momentarily-Forgotten) who was a HECK of a lotta Fun-to-Watch/REAL Kid-Pleaser. He's also been shanghied off to RAW/The current "Mexican" is Vicki's Brother..Chavo..& he's not really All That Exciting to Watch. Nor is she.

Ric Flair was a Hoot...& Damn Good at his Craft...& Much-Missed now. But..I guess Age always takes its toll, especially in the Muscle Biz. (I kinda wonder how many of these Artists'll end up like Muhammed Ali...battered brains numbing them on their way out long before the bodies go.)

But..The Show Goes On...&..Thank The Deity, The Plotline Changes Week-to-Week. Edge I Truly Enjoy...he's GOOD at the Character he's Supposed-to-Be/CAN wrestle like a Bandit! The guy's got one of the Most Expressive Faces in da Biz! HOPE he can land a Movie Slot where he plays a LIKEABLE Character..I'm sure He'll Dazzle!

Interesting how "The Rock" is droppin' his Rasslin' Name on HIS marquees now...(How soon they forget, eh?) ;-)>

Waal..back to Real Life!

Thanks for Your Kind Visit & Input, Amigo! (I expect Edge'll be either written-out in a couplea weeks...or Vicki will! Stay Tuned!)

Big Guy-Hug,

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Stan the Man (What a good wrestler title)
I'm not much into wrestlin now ,but when I was a kid in the 70's my stepdad would watch it and since that was before cable us kids had to watch it too. I remember Black Jack Mulligan, Nature Boy Rick Flare, Andre'the Giant. Thats when they had those pants that looked like grandma's underware in black. Do you remember the movie with Henry Winkler? I think he wore pink tights. I must say I do like mixed Martial arts. Got free tickets to a match and loved it. My only gripe is when it says martial arts it should have more karate in it.Or else why call it mixed.It ends up being wrestlin anyway. I think your song is original and I think it is cool. It took me back.
Have A Slammin Day

God Bless

"We were livin in the minute we were spinin in,"
Josh Gracin
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Heya Stan. No apologies needed for any statements. I just felt the need to clarify *laughs*

Gotta feel for Edge. He's been a heel character for a real long time, and he plays a real authentic face too. I remember when he came back from an injury from RAW. I'm not sure if you watch RAW so you might not know, but when he speared the heel GM out of the ring, that was pretty much spine tingling. The guy is, has always been, and will always be awesome.

I'll concede the point of Finlay and Hornswoggle to you. It definately gets tired when Hornswoggle starts pinning people bigger than even Finlay. Though I did like the interaction between Finlay and the Great Khali. That was a decent watch.

Batista's been replaced by HHH on Smackdown? I think Smackdown won out on that trade, HHH is THE MAN. Claimed and approved by Nature Boy himself. There's not a guy who can compare to him in the ring today. Batista's good. But he's not HHH good. And yes, HHH and Edge match-up is definitely worth the watch, every time.

When you say, masked mexican, you mean Rey Mysterio? I was surprised when you said they got rid of him, thought he'd been released. That would be a huge loss. Not sure how Rey would handle on RAW though. Seems like a poor move to me. Moves he pulls out are phenomenal though. Another piece of proof that this stuff, while staged, just isn't fake.

People are still waiting for ole Rock to make his big return. If his face even appears on the monitor, the crowds goes in an uproar. Who knows? Maybe it'll happen sometime in the future. Afterall, Jericho ended up coming back.

How about some of them younger ones with bright futures? MVP, Mr. Kennedy, Randy Orton, CM Punk, to name a few. Randy Orton is the next BIG thing. Thats a cert.


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G'Mornin Incredible Mz Woo...(T'Give Ya A Wrestlin' Handle..heh!)...

I remember 2 outta your 3 Names there...Flare & Andre. I've watched Wrestlin' Sporadically for Many-a-Year..it's only Of-Late that I've tried to catch it Weekly. I enjoyed The Hulkster and Randy Savitch, & tho Flare usually cheated his way to a win, he was a lotta fun to watch, too. "The Undertaker" recently got retired, & that guy was an excellent wrestler, tho weirdly-promoted.

I missed Winkler's Movies...but always liked The Fonz..heh!

The only "A" I ever got in College was in a Self-Defense Class...where a mix of judo & karate was taught. But...I don't (Pun intended) get much of a kick outta watchin' Mixed Martial Arts...no real explanation-offered, tho I don't even like to watch Wrestlers Slap/Punch or Kick each other silly.

Naw..for me it's the "Holds" and the Strategizing..the use of "Kim" (Body Inertia)..the finesse of Good Timing to overwhelm an Opponent. I also hate it when it's a Mis-Match from the start.
Costuming means NADA, even tho, as-mentioned, the Hubby of one of my Long-Time Musical Collaborators made a Lifetime of designing GREAT Outfits from Jimi Hendrix thru Randy Savich. The Clothes never made The Man...just his Brain & Brawnpower...(Tho Michael Braun is a GENIUS at Clothing Design..& MANY of his works hang in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Clevland.)

Oh..guess I better add I like PURE Judo & PURE Karate competition..tho I haven't seen much of it on TV. (SO I settle for rather IM-Pure Rasslin'..heh!)

Hey, I Salute You...you're the Only Gal who so-far has Responded to this Lyric..Yet I KNOW a LOT of "Nice Young Ladies" DO Watch this Stuff...& OBVIOUSLY it's being Modified a LOT to attract Even More.

Check it out at 8PM this Fri Nite...& see if ya still get a kick out of it Nowadaze..It's gotten Lots More Female-Friendly, & yep, old goats like Meself WILL groan a bit!

Glad ya enjoyed the Little Trip Back, tho! Thanks for Your Very Kind Visit...WISH I could remember Black Jack Mulligan...DO remember Hacksaw Jim (Dunnagin?) who allus walked out with a 2 X 4..heh-heh! Those Were The Days!

Big Gentle Hug & a Hammerlock..heh,

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G'Mornin' Bro Stag, good to hear from ya again, Amigo!

I truly ENJOY Finlay..alone..because he's such a great Brawler..can REALLY take a pounding & STILL comes back Strong. Think he's one of the Older Cats there, so I definitely Identify with the dude, too! I've really got Sympathy for "Little People", as-well...tho I dunno if Hornswaggle has outlived his Cutefullness or not yet, but for me, he has.

WISH I could watch RAW (Monday Nights?)..looked for it Last Mon. nite, but must be on Cable...it's not on the Air/We shed Cable when I got involved with all the Online Stuff that eats up Spare Time galore.

Yeah, Batista got "Drafted" to RAW, & HHH Got the same, to Smackdown, where he & Edge are already baitin' each other. Batista'd been losing kinda regularly...dunno if that was Scripted, or if he'd just been havin' a Down Streak. But I guess he does square off against Edge in a Heavywieght PPV Title...maybe it's already happened last Monday Night..

(I've actually lost-track of WHO is after the Belt this week, maybe it's HHH vs Edge already.) But...yep..HHH will probably end up with the Title...he looks pretty-well Groomed for it.

Thanks..that Name I forgot IS Rey Mysterio! THINK he's drafted to go to RAW, which is their Gain...the guy's REALLY Popular with The Kids in the Crowd, ESPECIALLY the ones wearin' MASKS like he does..& the cat can CERTAINLY Wrestle with the Big Guys! If there was ever a Hispanic Hero, this guy's worth the Worship.

Yet another guy who can take a BIG pounding & come back Strong as an Ox..tho I bet he's a close-second to Evel Kenieval for between-appearance Surgeries.

The Rock seems to continue making his Hollywood Splash..& it's Far-Safer as a line of work..(Hey..they got Stunt Men for the Falls there...heh!) But, yeah, maybe he'll show up for Autographs some night..no risk there.

Of the New Names ya mentioned, I get a BIG kick outta CM Punk. Never liked the guy's Name or Tattoos, but when he's in the ring, he handles himself like a Pro. Kennedy's got a Big Ego..good skills..we'll see! MVP...definitely a Black Kid's Hero.."Highest-Paid Smackdown Athelete"..but comes off as Lazy in the Ring. Orton I'll watch-for..haven't seen him/remember him, tho the Orton Name IS in my memory somewhere.

The 2 that seem on the Ascendancy currently: "Big Show" and (Name forgotten) this Big Russian fellah. "Show" weighs in around 400 lbs, All-Muscle, Quite-Intellegent but dresses/looks like Alley Oop. Ruskie has Zero-Glitz..just a black pair of Briefs, near 300 lbs all-muscle & a really Mean Look & a Growl. VERY Short Matches. Both aren't "Bad Guys"...just "Toughies"..heh!

Now...if they'd just pair these 2 against each other, that'd be the Match of the Month..if not..the Year!

Ahh...just 2 More Days 'till Fri Nite Fights...eh? Something to Look Forwards-To, as the Banks keep makin' Headlines this week!

Thanks for Your Kind Visit & Words, Amigo!

(I'm wrackin' my brain to remember the guy who was sneakily seeing Randy Savich's Wife on the side...& His Career ended abruptly when he..in Real Life..gave her drugs that caused her to O.D. The Guy was one Heck of a Good Wrestler/Handsome as all get-out..& very Quietly-Disappeared..{& I heard went off to Jail} after that happened.) Ah, the Bad Old Days...but that Cat was a Great Wrestler/Shoulda been WAY more Famous..if he'd kept a lid on his Private Doings.

Gotta Scoot...Thanks for The Memory, Amigo!

Big Guy-Hug,

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Hey again Stan. Seems this thread has turned into a wrestling discussion, more than the lyric.

Somehow I get the feeling that you aren't particular fond of the Rock. Tell me it ain't so *laughs*

Big Show, considering that he said he wouldn't be coming back, surprised me by doing exactly that. Then again, I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise. They always say that, but they always do return in the end.

Is the Russian guy Vladimir Kozlov? Straight up from OVW, they train some pretty awesome guys there. That reminds me of the English dude who I was a huge fan of. Paul Burchill. Man, he was fun to watch, and a good wrestler too. How many 250 pound+ people do you see that can moonsault standing up, much less flipping the opponent along with them?

Match of the month, back when I started watching, I always wanted to see Big Show against Rikishi. Nearly 1000 pounds in the ring, now that would have been scary.

Lastly, that event you mentioned had me stumped as well, so I cheated and googled it up. Is the chap Lex Luger?


#634458 - 07/17/08 07:37 AM Re: "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?" {A Wee Vent...} [Re: ]  
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Hi Stan

When I was a little boy my Grandfather and I would watch Wrestling "Lucha Libre" Vince Macmahon was a very young announcer. Antonio Rocca was Champ.

My Grandfather only spoke in Italian and he didn't follow baseball
So Wrestling brought Him My Dad & My Brother & Me all together and that is the reason it has a place in my heart. smile

I was taken to Madison Square Garden many times to see my favorite Wrestler of All Time "Bruno Sammartino" smile

And George Steele'ss best move was Eating the turnbuckle lol....

I saw Andre The Giant, Chief Jay Strongbow, Ivan Putski (The Polish power)
Haystacks Calhoun and many many others. A host of bad guys and tag teams.

I saw Bruno wrestle Superstar Billy Graham smile

Later when my nephews were kids we took them to see Hulk Hogan and that era of players a few times, the last one was at the very beginning of The Undertaker's career.

So again it brought the generations together!

No more kids around so no more Wrestling ever but I will always treasure those nights in front of the TV and at the Garden, screaming & hoping someone would just hit MAnagers Capt Lou Albano or Fred Blassie over the head and stop them from interfering with the matches. lol....

Thanks for the fond trip dowm memory lane Stan

Stan the Man - Hanson with the larette (however you spell it) Saw him put Bruno in cast with that foreign object under the elbow pad lol...

Peace Mike

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HIdee Again Bro Stag!

Yep..middle of yesterday Lugor's Name popped back in my Addlepated Anterior Lobe... Ol' Lex HAD it all....Looks, Charisma, Talent. (&..Mz Elizabeth, it seems.) What a shame/what a waste! By chance, I fix Clocks for (I'll probably partially blow his name) Billy Connor(s), NY Yankees Vice Pres..& Billy's got a WALL covered in Wrestling Star Pics-cum-Autographs..about 20-feet by 10. &..Billy filled me in on What Happened To Lex.

I can imagine how EASY it IS to end up taking SOME kinda drugs if your career IS "Professional Wrestling"...since there's always a lot of Pain-Involved..to be dealt with. Think it's to the WWE's Credt that there are so FEW Drug Stories of-late.

Yep..It's Vladimir Koslove, all right. A Man of Few Words..in English, anyways...& One Powerful, Mean Dude! Usually got a match with a Neophyte, up to a few weeks ago...now he's wrastlin' some Bigger Names..& they've been More-Evenly-Matched & exciting.
(& he STILL Wins...but some of that "Confidence" has been shaken a wee-bit..heh!)

WAS kinda hopin' for "Big Show" vs "The Great Khali" there..but Khali's been missin' ever since he had the role in "Get Smart". Woulda been around 950 lbs-wortha match-and "Pretty Evenly-So.

Waal..HOPE evebody's got WWE on the brain come Friday Night SMACKDOWN time...8:00 here...so's we can all have a Fun Chat all Weekend Long...heh-heh!

Thanks for the Kind Re-Visits, Name-Rememberin' Champ!

Big Guy-Hug,
Ol' Stan

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HIDee Bro Sub!

Wow, what a Great Childhood, Man! So far I've never seen these dudes go at it LIVE...& La Femme says definitely "No" when the subject of watchin'a local match comes up. (Not that that'd stop me from goin', if the Loot ever turned up..heh!)

I go allaways back to Billy Graham..& Brisco Bros..Days...(AM searchin' Memory for some Early Others..but I CAN'T remember Names worth a Damn.)There were some really FAT Stars back in the Early Days..tho Weight's allus been an Advantage, come Pinning Time!

LA Femmes about to PowerSlam me if I don't head off to Da Day Job..but Many Thanks for Addin' Some Fresh Names to my Memory Bank, Amigo!

Big Thursday Thankees Guy-Hug,

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