Hey Ya'll!

I'm new here and wasn't quite sure where this post fit in, so if I stuck it in the wrong place please forgive me. wink I am 24 years old and from Memphis Tennessee. A good three hours from where I need to be because I love country music. It's always not just been my dream but my goal to sing, write, and record songs. So I'm glad to be here! I feel like I'm getting older and really need to get a jump start on this thing! I wrote my first song a little over a year ago, and have had a "block" so to speak ever since. I teach preschool, but it's just to pay the bills, and it hardly does that! smile When I'm not teaching I'm working with a producer "somewhat" here in town trying to get a feel for the music buisness, and my gosh it is confusing for a simple girl like me! I'm glad to be here, looking forward to making some new friends. I became familiar with Just Plain Folks at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.

Thanks for having me "on board!"


"If you have a dream, you have everything. If you have everything and no dream, then everything means nothing..."