I am excited to have attended the Orange County songwiters showcase last night where I met several new friends and had the good fortune to accompany many very talented musicians.

I have joined Just Plain Folks and I am excited about the people and the organization.

That being said, and keeping with the motto "We're all in this together" I would like to invite all musicians to my open mic.

Oct 6th (first Saturday) 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
1000 N Catalina Ave, Redondo Beach

Come on down- drinks are good and inexpensive and a good time is guaranteed

Hope to see you there!!

Drummer Jim

PS- just a little advertisement for myself. Please don't let the word "drummer" scare you. Although I am a very modest musician I feel it is necessary to tell you that many musicians compliment me on my ability to play at lower volumes. I try to be a pleasant addition, rather than a loud, obnoxious, skin pounding ear sore. Those who choose to invite me to accompany them are usually happy with their decision. Accompanyment is, of course, optional. My apologies to the drumming community of which there are many much more talented drummers than myself.....

Drummer Jim

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