Congratulations to Flydown!

Winner of Pixy103's 2007 Cape's Most Dangerous Band Competition!

They put on a great show. Sundancers sounded like a stadium when their fans got crazy! The vocalist was pitch perfect and led the cheering fans with confidence, energy and an excitement that translated into their win while the band was rock solid.

Great performances as well by the other bands..

'Clubba Lang' served up a really tasty punk version of "Burning Ring of Fire" which moved into to the Doors and back. Definitely one of the most musical moments of the night.

'The Grab Brothers' always give a great hair show accentuated by their trademark rock flute.

'Seven' lit up the stage with glow sticks and fog. Groovy fan chicks decked themselves all over with big sevens to show support.

and 'Twenty Eight' rocked the house hard with some Electric Fiddle and a big shot of Charlie Daniels action.

Look for a full report on the night soon written by Finn (formerly from Psionic, Cape's Most Dangerous Band 2005) at


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