I wanted to mention a very important event happening in Boston MA, Wednesday, April 4. It is hosted by my son Joseph Lurgio, Mary Cerio, and The Invisible Children New England Team.

Revolution Rock Bar
200 High Street, Boston, MA
Wednesday, April 4; 6:00pm
Tickets - $20

"Please join us for a wonderful event, full of education and entertainment. The evening will begin with the telling Invisible Children's documentary that discusses the terrible situation in which the children of Uganda an Sudan are suffering. Followed by - Live Music by Mike Maven and the Goodlife and The West!!! Runway Shows!! Live Artists!! Auctions!! And more!!"

Buy tickets www.ticketalternative.com
For more info - www.myspace.com/142724683

This issue is important and needs attention. Just last week Govenor Deval Patrick supported a bill that would pull about $103 million from foreign firms, mostly oil companies that profit from operations in Sudan.

This evening will be full of entertainment and education. Please come out to become aware or bring others that need to learn! Entrance is $20.00 with 100% of proceeds going directly to the Invisible Children Inc.