Nowadays, I look at and and say, "not to shabby
of a deal" for the musician.
I can create my own MP3 audio player for the web site and more


I'm sitting here listening to "Rip It", "Sister I Believe", "No Highway",
"Without Any Trace", "What Do You Know" & "Act Of Mercy" all by myself, as
meaning, I created this stuff. Not to shabby.
I will be selling from my own domain, but how about you, do you have full
control of where and why your music/art is as where you have little say
about it?
I've got this domain, and really have no use
for it. Takers?

Sooner or later, I'll get to being on ITunes and & .com via MP3
and branch out like a tree but for now, from my domain and word of mouth.

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