Hi Folks,

We'll be meeting in Farmington (Unionville, CT) for our 4th (sort of) annual Campfire Jam. This is at a private home of member Ozone Pete so please email us if you have questions about the event which will start at 7pm. We will be doing interviews for the documentary in addition to signing and telling stories around the campfire.

Email with questions: justplainfolks@aol.com.

Here's directions for those who are signed up already:

Directions to 40 River Road, Unionville, CT:

- Take I-84 towards Hartford (that's 84 West, if you're in
Massachusetts, and 84 East if you're coming from the South)

- Take exit 39 ("route 4, Farmington")

- Go straight off the exit, and follow route 4 for five or six miles,
until you come to a McDonalds and a Friendly's restaurant on your left.
This is the intersection of 4 and 177.

- Take a LEFT onto 177.

- Go straight through one light, over a small bridge, and straight
through a second light. Take your next RIGHT, onto Webster Street.

- Follow Webster to the end (about 1/3 mile).

- At the end of Webster, take a LEFT onto River Road, and then an
immediate LEFT onto Fox Run Road. Ozone Pete's is the first house on
the left. Come on in!

If you run into trouble, call 860.673.5090

Here's the artists signed up to attend:

Marty Helly
Lisa Martin
Catherine Orland
Shandy Lawson
Richard Berman
Paddy Mills
Jessie Chazin
Lara Herscovitch
Bill DeChand
Ozone Pete
Arjuna Greist
Guy-Michael Grande
Hal Benoit

See you there!


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