Artist Career Services: Helping performing artists with their careers.
Tampa Bay based Artist Career Services is a full-service organization dedicated to helping artists achieve their career goals.

The usual first step is a free Career Consultation where we go over your artistic craft, your goals, what you have achieved so far, what problems you’ve run into and whatever else is needed so that we can get a good overall picture of your situation and how we can best help improve it.

From the data obtained in the Career Consultation we create a step-by-step program of recommended actions to get your career really moving in the direction that you’d like it to be going.

Our services include one-on-one consulting, training & coaching in any areas that you feel you could improve, tailored lessons to improve your craft as needed, as well as seminars and workshops designed to give you the tools for success in your chosen artistic field.

If you are a singer or musician, we can create professional high-quality, high-impact song demos and masters in our suite of recording studios as well as promotional DVDs in our video studio. If you need musicians or singers for your recordings, we can provide them.

We can also help with stage presence and public speaking and performing. No matter what your art form, we can consult with you on how to successfully promote to your specific markets and we can also provide full promotional packages including websites.

Our mission is basically to help artists with their careers and to help lessen the barriers they can run into when trying to promote themselves and expand their careers.

For a free initial consultation call Joe Yazbeck at 727 489 7453 or visit:

Joe Yazbeck