Hi there,

I'm a New York City singer/songwriter who comes down to Florida at least three times a year (when actually varies). Usually I see family in Ocala, then head on down to Boca on business. Orlando, for many reasons then, becomes my central point. Next time down (sometime in October, it looks like) I'd like to do some performing.

My music is usally done with acoustic guitar and vocal (although I do play mandolin, keyboards, and smatterings of other instruments). It's an amalgam of country, bleus, folk, and pop--although my classical training and some other things can creep in from time to time.

If you want to hear samples, I've done one solo CD ("A Man Like Me," available at CDBaby) and one with the last group I was in, the Don't Quit Your Day Job Players (really; the CD is "Blues Spoken Here" and its also available through CDBaby).

I'm looking for a house concert or an acoustic venue, preferably one that pays but definitely one that will allow me to sell CDs.

If interested, please contact me directly at musicprint@earthlink.net


Steven Rosenhaus

Steven Rosenhaus