Hi Folks,

We are starting to plan our dates for the 2005 Just Plain Folks Roadtrips. Before we add cities, we need to know there are enough local/area members to justify setting up a local showcase and/or meeting. To justify a showcase, we generally require at least 20 interested artists to perform. (Our Roadtrip shows usually average 30-40 performers per show in most cities). To justify a meeting or Roadtrip stop of any kind, we need no less than 10 members interested, which is also the minimum number to have a local chapter. If you'd like us to stop in this area in 2005, please post a note here and let us know. If there's enough interest indicated, we will add a stop. We will be filming a documentary this year on the road and will include a few interviews of local artists as we tour, so if you want us to include your music scene, now is the time to say hi and speak up!


Brian Austin Whitney
Just Plain Folks
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