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We had a great visit to Boise during the last Roadtrip and would love to get more Idaho members involved in the group. Here's a list of all the ID folks who entered the 2006 Music Awards. If you know any of them, please help us get them more involved!

Andrew Kurtz Boise ID
Ben Burdick Boise ID
Corey McKnight Boise ID
Darkwood Consort Boise ID
Edison Lee Boise ID
Elisabeth Blin Boise ID
Jimmy Bivens & Friends Boise ID
Johann Helton Boise ID
Joseph L. Young Boise ID
Steve Fulton Boise ID
Texas T Boise ID
travis shane brandon boise ID
XEX Boise ID
Barry Aiken Coeur d' Alene ID
Melefluent Coeur d'Alene ID
John Rich and Paul Kreider Garden Valley ID
Brian Crain Hayden ID
Judith Ewald Hayden ID
Bruce Alkire Horseshoe Bned ID
Dana Magnuson Kendrick ID
Al B Cartwright Meridian ID
Al B Cartwright Meridian ID
AL Cartwright Meridian ID
Dan Whitney Meridian ID
Dave Semeria Meridian ID
Lawrence M Bradley Meridian ID
Pravda Meridian ID
Tide Cartwright Meridian ID
Doug Ploss Middleton ID
Gary McCormack moore ID
Jason Rubero Moscow ID
Noah Beck Moscow ID
Bone Daddy Nampa ID
Bone Daddy Nampa ID
Buckhorn Mountain Boys Nampa ID
The Invasion Nampa ID
Robert Lewis Pinehurst ID
Association for Light and Life Pocatello ID
Common Ground Pocatello ID
Lee Wilson Pocatello ID
Nate Schierman Band Post Falls ID
Tenleav Post Falls ID
Brothers of Abraham Rexburg ID
illusion33 Sagle ID
Johnnie Lawson Sandpoint ID
Ron Schierman st. maries ID
Reina G Collins victor ID
Matthew C. Vander Boegh Wilder ID

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