Many of you Las Vegas members probably already know about this. If you don't, you should. There's a very cool House Concert series in town, called, "Garage-Ma-Hall." It's run by Richard Stewart. This is a monthly series, and features both traveling performers, AND those local to Las Vegas. I am a Los Angeles JPF member, and I will be performing here on SATURDAY, MAY 21st. For more information about this series, and to get on the guest list, go to their website, Go to the FAQ page. All the info is there. Wanna know more about me? Please visit MY website: This house concert is set up better than most, with a complete stage, sound and lights,.. the works! It's a very cool gig! I invite ALL of you to come to my show and check it out. Questions? I welcome e-mails from any and all JPF members. See you on the 21st.