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#402326 - 04/22/06 01:01 AM North Carolina Members Who Entered The 2006 Music Awards  
Joined: Apr 2001
Posts: 18,506
Brian Austin Whitney Offline
Brian Austin Whitney  Offline

Top 10 Poster

Joined: Apr 2001
Posts: 18,506
Indianapolis, IN USA
Hi Folks,

We're planning to visit North Carolina on the next JPF Roadtrip and I wanted to post all the names of members who entered music for the awards this year so we can get more of them involved. If you know any of these folks, please invite them to get more involved. I included their cities so you can see who is near you.

Bitch Cassidy Apex NC
Mike Borgia featuring tread Apex NC
Soulvibe Apex NC
Stephen Roach archdale NC
Kimberly Summer Arden NC
Porcelynn Arden NC
The Muses Arden NC
Andy Pond Asheville NC
Ashley Chambliss Asheville NC
Ben Scales Asheville NC
Benjammin Asheville NC
Chuck Beattie and Blues By Des Asheville NC
Chuck Beattie and Blues By Des Asheville NC
Dave Desmelik Asheville NC
Dave Turner Asheville NC
ed entmacher asheville NC
Free Planet Radio Asheville NC
Hawk LittleJohn Asheville NC
Jackie Young Asheville NC
Joe Ebel Asheville NC
Joshua Singing Tree Asheville NC
Mad Tea Party Asheville NC
Miriam Allen Asheville NC
Peace Jones Asheville NC
Phil Lomac Asheville NC
Pierce Edens Asheville NC
Rhythm Regime Asheville NC
Rick McAlister Asheville NC
Scrappy Hamilton Asheville NC
Scrappy Hamilton Asheville NC
Stephanie's Id Asheville NC
The Steve Sarant Quartet Asheville NC
Tyler Ramsey Asheville NC
Voices Asheville NC
Martin Eagle Bahama NC
Jeb Holmes Band Banner Elk NC
23 North Barnardsville NC
Heidi Eger Souza Bath NC
Heidi Eger Souza Bath NC
Heidi Eger Souza Bath NC
Dr Oakroot's TONIC Bear Creek NC
Jay Kaiser and Mandy Carter Black Mountain NC
Yelena Eckemoff Blanch NC
Cipha Divine Boone NC
Fine Mess Brevard NC
Frank Lee bryson city NC
Frank Lee & Adam Tanner bryson city NC
Jelly Bean Bandits Burgaw NC
The Jelly Bean Bandits Burgaw NC
The Jelly Bean Bandits Burgaw NC
The Jelly Bean Bandits Burgaw NC
Dennis Garner Burlington NC
Calabash Flash Calabash NC
Laura Blackley Band Candler NC
Wade McVey Cape Carteret NC
A Problem of Alarming Dimensio Carrboro NC
Cyril Lance Carrboro NC
Full of Stars Carrboro NC
Jonathan Byrd and Dromedary Carrboro NC
Shannon O'Connor Carrboro NC
Barbara Keller Cary NC
Bill Leslie Cary NC
Bongo John Cary NC
Bragh Adair Cary NC
Eric Carpenter Cary NC
Harold Morton Cary NC
Jungle Brothers Cary NC
Linda Metz Cary NC
Miles Partridge Cary NC
Tony Yarborough Cary NC
Viva la Venus! Cary NC
Willa Brigham Cary NC
Pipapelli Cashiers NC
Mary Rocap Cedar Grove NC
Edison West Cedar Mountain NC
Alexander Wilson Chapel Hill NC
Bazungu Chapel Hill NC
Big Pretty and the Red Rockets Chapel Hill NC
Blizz Chapel Hill NC
broken fader cartel Chapel Hill NC
Doug Prescott Chapel Hill NC
Fragrance Chapel Hill NC
Harmony Keeney Chapel Hill NC
Jeff Furman and Well Strung Wo Chapel Hill NC
Rain Dance Chapel Hill NC
Run of the Mill Chapel Hill NC
Saunter Chapel Hill NC
SpencerAcuff Chapel Hill NC
SpencerAcuff Chapel Hill NC
Tad Dreis Chapel Hill NC
The Old Ceremony Chapel Hill NC
Uzoma (Uzo) Ezekwudo Chapel Hill NC
Yasmine White Chapel Hill NC
Actors Scene Unseen Charlotte NC
Adam Whiting Charlotte NC
Alan Barrington Charlotte NC
Anne Trenning Charlotte NC
Aqualads Charlotte NC
Awful Goodness Charlotte NC
Awful Goodness Charlotte NC
Ben Franklin Charlotte NC
BRAY charlotte NC
Bray charlotte NC
Bray charlotte NC
Bray charlotte NC
Bray charlotte NC
Candlewyck Charlotte NC
Carey Sims & Black Market Radi Charlotte NC
Clifton Charlotte NC
Continuous Jones Charlotte NC
Deravae charlotte NC
DirtySouthProdigalSon charlotte NC
DJ Doug D Charlotte NC
Earthshine Charlotte NC
ew@40 Charlotte NC
gigi charlotte NC
God C.o.r.p. Charlotte NC
Grandon Gray Charlotte NC
Green Light Charlotte NC
In-V Charlotte NC
J. David Crosby's Charlotte NC
Jason Hausman Charlotte NC
John Amen Charlotte NC
Johnny Scott Band Charlotte NC
Kenny Carr Charlotte NC
Kevin N. Loop Charlotte NC
L.M.C. (Landen Meadows Crew) charlotte NC
Lisa Leuschner Charlotte NC
Perfo Charlotte NC
Roger Cary Greenspan Charlotte NC
Rory Lewis Charlotte NC
Slinky Sharp charlotte NC
Sonny Sonnenstein Charlotte NC
South Of Sane Charlotte NC
SteverBeats charlotte NC
The Lindsey Horne Band Charlotte NC
The Riffraff Project Charlotte NC
The Spongetones Charlotte NC
TreVent Wind Trio Charlotte NC
TyreFyre Charlotte NC
Valencia Williams CHARLOTTE NC
Willy Evans Trio Charlotte NC
Zamar Music Charlotte NC
Lloyd Arneach Cherokee NC
Trip Element claremont NC
Shane Gentry and the Nekkid Mo clayton NC
scott johnson Denver NC
Clint Alphin Dunn NC
Alan Garr durham NC
Cha'Maine Durham NC
Darryl Richmond Durham NC
Edgar Allen Floe Durham NC
EJ durham NC
Freylach Time! Durham NC
Gabe Evens Quartet durham NC
Gabe Evens Trio durham NC
Jamie Anderson Durham NC
Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Durham NC
Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Durham NC
Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Durham NC
Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Durham NC
Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Durham NC
Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Durham NC
Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Durham NC
Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Durham NC
Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Durham NC
john thursday Durham NC
Kym Verbal Durham NC
Leastways Durham NC
Lois Deloatch/Tyson Rogers Durham NC
Lounge Magic Durham NC
Michele Jackson featuring Infi Durham NC
Phyllis Gillespie Durham NC
Serne Durham NC
Steve & Nancy Winter Durham NC
The Blueprint Project Durham NC
The Sames Durham NC
The Sensational Friendly 5 Durham NC
Tracy S. Feldman Durham NC
willie hill Durham NC
WinterHaven Durham NC
Peter Boehling and the Best LI edenton NC
Doris Gramby Elizabeth NC
Doris Gramby Elizabeth NC
Brian Hobbs Elizabeth City NC
Monica Silverstrand Elizabeth City NC
Red Sun elizabeth city NC
Ron Warren Elizabethtown NC
Ron Warren Elizabethtown NC
Andy Cilone Ellenboro NC
Andy Cilone Ellenboro NC
Andy Cilone Ellenboro NC
Anonymous Elon NC
Jerry Teel Everetts NC
99 YEARS Fairview NC
Cara Tower Fairview NC
David Rhodes fairview NC
Sidney Barnes Fairview NC
Walk Across Fire Fairview NC
Anita Licorish - God's Poet Fayetteville NC
Big Medicine Fayetteville NC
Bobby Joe Swilley Fayetteville NC
Bobby Joe Swilley Fayetteville NC
Bobby Joe Swilley Fayetteville NC
Bobby Joe Swilley Fayetteville NC
Buddy Leroy fayetteville NC
buddy leroy fayetteville NC
I Owe God Praise!! Fayetteville NC
Karen W. Clark Fayetteville NC
Patricia Hunter Fayetteville NC
QI Wess Fayetteville NC
S T O R M Y Fayetteville NC
Sam Silva Fayetteville NC
Sam Silva Fayetteville NC
David Swanson Flat Rock NC
David Swanson Flat Rock NC
The Crunch Bunch Fort Mill NC
John Klingler Fuquay-Varina NC
Booker T. Wiggins, Jr. garner NC
Rozlyn Sorrell Garner NC
DJ Steve Thuro Gastonia NC
John Alexander Gastonia NC
Dave Montana Goldsboro NC
Dr Moses McNeil and company Goldsboro NC
Dudley Smith Goldsboro NC
Dudley Smith Goldsboro NC
Dudley Smith Goldsboro NC
Dudley Smith Goldsboro NC
Prof. Dudley Smith Goldsboro NC
Yvette E & Inner-Faith Chorale Graham NC
8 Eyes Greensboro NC
Alyze Elyse greensboro NC
Benj-O-Matic Greensboro NC
Buck Shamus Greensboro NC
Burnside Connection Greensboro NC
Chosen One Greensboro NC
Elder Walter Johnson Greensboro NC
ethemadassassin Greensboro NC
Garron Bernard Greensboro NC
Lisa Dames Greensboro NC
Lisa Dames Greensboro NC
Lyn Koonce Greensboro NC
Lyn Koonce Greensboro NC
Martha Bassett Greensboro NC
MOB FIGUZ Greensboro NC
Polecat Creek Greensboro NC
The Green People Greensboro NC
The Groove Greensboro NC
Tj. Johnson Greensboro NC
TreZure Greensboro NC
WILLETTE G Greensboro NC
(Megz) Meggah Greenville NC
Christian Enojado Greenville NC
Karen Hall Greenville NC
Missing Fingers Greenville NC
Parmalee Greenville NC
R. E. Love Sr. Traveling Choir Greenville NC
Bill West Haw River NC
The Flood Haw River NC
Fran McKendree Hendersonville NC
Heidi Hickory NC
heidi Hickory NC
Billy Beheler High Point NC
The Hedges And Highways High Point NC
The Hedges And Highways High Point NC
Jason Burke Hillsborough NC
MALAIKA Hillsborough NC
Gregory Moseley Holden Beach NC
Black Super Hero huntersville NC
Ivanhoe & Friends Jacksonville NC
JAMMER Jacksonville NC
Mike Corrado Jacksonville NC
Mike Corrado Jacksonville NC
Mike Corrado Band Jacksonville NC
OITC Productions & Pridelife E Jacksonville NC
One In The Chamber Productions Jacksonville NC
Alex Mauldin Kannapolis NC
CARMONA Kannapolis NC
Critical Mass Kannapolis NC
Ronnie Run Kenly NC
Stratocruiser Kernersville NC
Dixie Broadway King NC
Michelle Holder King NC
Calvin Edwards Kings Mtn, NC
Lloyd Khan KHANFUSION Kitty Hawk NC
Robert C. Williams Knightdale NC
Fruit of the Spirit LaGrange NC
Rickey Surgeon Leasburg NC
Terry W. Perkins Sr Lenoir NC
Franklin Moore Lewisville NC
Davis Tucker Lexington NC
Jim Pierce Lexington NC
Mike Craver Lexington NC
Chrystal Sawyer LIBERTY NC
Maria Maldjian Navarro Lincolnton NC
MorissonPoe Louisburg NC
Wonderful Wanda Louisburg NC
Blac Smyth Lumberton NC
DrewRama Lumberton NC
Trick Jones Lumberton NC
Mike Hancock Maiden NC
Chelsea Richardson/ Freddy Br marion NC
Kriegsmarine Marion NC
Richard Tuttell Marion NC
Dan Williams Marshall NC
4th Ward Matthews NC
Sam Pinnell Matthews NC
Bo Lozoff & Friends MEBANE NC
Bo Lozoff & Friends MEBANE NC
Hoppy Mocksville NC
Worship United Mocksville NC
A Highway Chile Mooresville NC
Blalock & Lunsford Morganton NC
Chris Cates morganton NC
parakeet nelson morganton NC
denebulae New Bern NC
denebulae New Bern NC
denebulae New Bern NC
Valentina Lisitsa New Bern NC
Waterline North Topsail Beach NC
Waterline North Topsail Beach NC
Beth F. Poplin Norwood NC
Richard D'Anjolell Group Oak Island NC
1st Tim Lynch Old Fort NC
Carol Davis Olin NC
Betty Tilley Pilot Mountain NC
Anthony Neff Raleigh NC
Apryl Renee Raleigh NC
Cates Ave. Raleigh NC
Cherie Lassiter Raleigh NC
Chris Titchner Raleigh NC
Corey Parker Raleigh NC
David Glenn Dyer Raleigh NC
Jimmy Bear Pearson Raleigh NC
Jimmy Bear Pearson Raleigh NC
jolei Raleigh NC
Jon Batson Raleigh NC
Kenny Shore Raleigh NC
Kenny Shore Raleigh NC
Logical Sound Discovery Raleigh NC
Logical Sound Discovery Raleigh NC
Melley G Raleigh NC
Nicaraguan Fair Trade Farmers Raleigh NC
O.B.E.A.S.T. Raleigh NC
Overproof Raleigh NC
Ozone Quartet Raleigh NC
Ozone Quartet Raleigh NC
Ozone Quartet Raleigh NC
Pathogen Raleigh NC
Richard Pena Raleigh NC
Rick Brockner and Friends Raleigh NC
Shadow Of A Great Name Raleigh NC
Sue Williamson Raleigh NC
Taylor Roberts Music Raleigh NC
Turning Point Raleigh NC
Vaughan Penn Raleigh NC
Zanderland Asante Raleigh NC
forte Reidsville NC
Keyz of David Praise Band Roanoke Rapids NC
Rev.David Ausby,Sr.& Bro.Donni Roanoke Rapids NC
Peace River Robbinsville NC
Peace River Robbinsville NC
Peace River Music Robbinsville NC
Beverly Armstrong Rocky Mount NC
Mark Crawford Williams Rocky Mount NC
Mark Williams Rocky Mount NC
Martin L. Herring Rose Hill NC
The Classic Arts Duo Salisbury NC
The Empire Sandford NC
Fa-sin Saxapahaw NC
Joe Collins & Mike McGee Shelby NC
Stephen L. Wallace Shelby NC
Chicken Bone Sherrills Ford NC
Chicken Bone Sherrills Ford NC
Fiona McAllister Sherrills Ford NC
Dennis Garner snow camp NC
james c batchelor Southport NC
James C Batchelor Southport NC
jc & the musicmakers Southport NC
LSP Statesville NC
I.T.Y. The Empire Stoneville NC
Jonny Colley Stoneville NC
THE FAMILY Stoneville NC
Still Waters Swansboro NC
Faint Reality Taylorsville NC
Chris Stacy & Rain Thomasville NC
Jerry Bauguess Thurmond NC
Donna Hughes Trinity NC
John Harrison Trinity NC
The Carburetors Tryon NC
Pat Simpson & Keith Gibson Turkey NC
The Amber Wake Union Grove NC
Bill Ebison Washington NC
William Garrett Washington NC
Anita Smith Waxhaw NC
One Big Love Waxhaw NC
Highland Fling Weaverville NC
Robert Akers Weaverville NC
Sue Ford Weaverville NC
Vince Junior Weaverville NC
Chad Stites West End NC
David Irvine Williamston NC
Blankenship, Witten, Miraglia, Wilmington NC
Composure Wilmington NC
Composure Wilmington NC
Composure Wilmington NC
Global Entertainment Wilmington NC
Jackson Hives Wilmington NC
Jon England Wilmington NC
Jon England Wilmington NC
Jon England Wilmington NC
Kevin Hughes Wilmington NC
Kevin Hughes Wilmington NC
Kevin Hughes Wilmington NC
Kevin Hughes Wilmington NC
Lamont Skylark Wilmington NC
Medusa Stone wilmington NC
MojoCollins Wilmington NC
Sherita Young Wilmington NC
Vee Wilmington NC
Vicki Blankenship Wilmington NC
Vicki Blankenship Wilmington NC
Windy Wilmington NC
Jim Clark Wilson NC
Poetry/2-bad WILSON NC
AURA3 Winston-Salem NC
Brains ON tap Winston-Salem NC
Brenda Morie Winston-Salem NC
Clare Fader & The Vaudevillain Winston-Salem NC
Fur Lined Volcanoes Winston-Salem NC
Local White Bread Winston-Salem NC
Matt Kendrick Winston-Salem NC
Matt Kendrick with Fred Hersch Winston-Salem NC
Renaisoft Interactive Producti Winston-Salem NC
the bo-stevens Winston-Salem NC
The Saving Graces Winston-Salem NC
The Skellingtons Winston-Salem NC
The Stable winston-salem NC
Will Hubbard Winston-Salem NC
Worried Sick Winston-Salem NC

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#402327 - 05/03/06 07:26 PM Re: North Carolina Members Who Entered The 2006 Music Awards  
Joined: Apr 2005
Posts: 243
ric4music Offline
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ric4music  Offline
Serious Contributor

Joined: Apr 2005
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Asheville, NC 28806
I entered lyrics, does that count? "Are You Ready For The Judgement" by Ric Ledford, Asheville NC.

"Have Guitar, Will Travel"

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