Hi Folks!

Here's the news for the Southeastern MA chapter of Just Plain Folks:

• Next Meeting
• Road Trip
• We Need Your Help
• Who's Making noise?
MEETING MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2005 TO BE HELD AT PIXY103 in Hyannis!!!
That's right folks. Our friends at the Home of Cape Cod's Rock have offered us a fantastic place to hold our next meeting! Come and tour the Pixy studios and meet Programming Director, Suzanne Tonaire, The Rock Babe herself who will be on hand for a Q&A. Now's your chance to get the inside scoop on the world of commercial radio. This is not one to be missed!

For security reasons, this meeting only, I'll need to provide a guest list of everyone who will be attending. So, just shoot Christine an email if you're planning to come. (christine.mascott@verizon.net)

The meeting will be from 7-9pm.

Our organization's signature event, The Just Plain Folks Road Trip, is coming to us Monday, June 13 with our showcase at Sean O' Toole's in Plymouth, MA

As of yesterday we have 21 acts signed up to play! So, it's going to be an incredible night of music...we have rock, folk, blues, punk and more .... singer songwriters to full bands.... and all with free admission. Even if you're not playing, come on by, enjoy the vibes and bring some friends. (The show is 21+)

If you haven't signed upto play yet and want to, there's still room and we'd love to hear you! Just go to the end of this email for sign up instructions.

- Backline
For the Road Trip show, everyone will be sharing a backline. If you have any of the following equipment you'd be willing to loan for the evening, please email Kim or Christine (kim@mdi-productions.com or christine.mascott@verizon.net):
A drum kit (no cymbals),
di box
vocal mic
a PA
guitar amp
bass amp

- Poster Distribution
Do you want to help us publicize the show? Do you know some great places to post flyers? Will someone be posting flyers for your own gig in the next couple of weeks and can take some of ours along too?
If so, and you can print some at home, just download the poster from:
Or we can arrange for you to pick up some flyers if you'd like some. Just email Christine if you think you can help (christine.mascott@verizon.net). Places to post: Music Stores, Libraries, Colleges, even Laundromats...anywhere and everywhere in Southeast MA

- Merchandise Table at the show
One of the ways that The Road Trip and JPF funds itself is through sales of JPF T-Shirts at the shows. If you'd like to take a turn at the merchandise table the night of the show (6/13), just us know and we'll put you on the list. We're only asking for short shifts (half hour to an hour, depending on the # of sign ups) so no one gets stuck there all night. (christine.mascott@verizon.net)

(send in your news and gig info for listing in the SEMA/JPF newsletter)

The Spank Band is playing!
Friday 5/27 at the BBC in Sandwich , Saturday 5/28 at Sweet Lemon from 4-7pm
then continuing later that night at the BBC in Cedarville, also Sunday 5/29 at the BBC in Hyannis.

If you're out in Western MA, catch The Drop Band (acoustic): ChristineMascott, Paul Mascott and Hank Wagner on 6/7 at Bishop's Lounge, Northampton, MA

New Members, Man's Demise, will be playing the next Homegrown acoustic showcase on Wednesday, June 15 at the BBC in Cedarville

Support your local music!

Thanks Everyone!!!!


There's still room to sign up!
Send requests to justplainfolks@aol.com (this is the ONLY email address you can use to sign up).

For performers:
In the Email Subject field put "June 13 , SE/MA sign up

Inside the email, please include:
Date(s)/City(s) Interested in: June 13, Plymouth MA
Artist/Band Name:
Contact Name: (If different from above)
Full Address:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Music Genre:
Band Size and Instrumentation:
Short Descriptions of your music, style and experience: (Please keep this to a couple sentences MAX!)
Special Time Needs: (Note: we can only accommodate "early" or "late" in a first come first served basis)

That's it! Hope to see you there!

Christine Mascott
formerly just Christine
vocalist/graphic design/web hosting and design