I just joined, the motivation being to enter the contest as a songwriter. I have performed mostly in upper north Jersey in the Morris and Warren areas. I don't do much performing these days and am concentrating on songwriting and trying to get published. I do a weekly prerecorded radio show on wnti at Centenary College here in Hackettstown. I would be interested in having guest musicians. The show airs currently on Saturday nights at 1am and is called The Familiar and Forgotten. I have a label for my own music right now. Working with CD Baby has been great and inspiring and I highly recommend them. If anyone needs a searing electric guitar solo from the outer galaxies, my Strat and I would be happy to accomodate you. In other words, it would be fun to do some sessions as such. However my songwriting influences are Brian Wilson, Todd Rundgren and to a lesser extent, Paul McCartney. I like pretty music and I also like polytonal, Jazz and atonal music. (Hence the outer galaxies.)I have been in all kinds of bands, from New Wave to Weddings. It would be fun to communicate with other musicians in the area just to keep informed about the different scenes going on in the clubs, coffeehouses and radio stations. If anyone would like to continue this discussion go ahead and post or send me an email. I am interested also in finding a distributer for New Jersey bands of the 80's. Talk about studios. Talk about venues. What's happening in Northern NJ. Whatever. Thanks.

Brian Catanzaro