I have a bass cabinet for a 15 inch speaker (speaker not included) that someone can have for free if you pick it up. It is a folded horn and quite big (about 24" x 24" x 48") and quite efficient, and in good shape. It would make a great subwoofer cabinet or a loud, large cabinet for bass guitar. Let me know soon if you are interested as I'll probably be taking it to the dump or dismantling it in two weeks if it is still here. My number is in the phone book (don't want to broadcast it here).

Stone Marmot
experimental pop-rock

Stone Marmot
Nouveau retro pop-rock music
Whatever happened to the Golden Rule is the subject of our latest song,
“The Golden Rule.” Listen at: https://soundcloud.com/stone-marmot/the-golden-rule
and check out its music video: https://youtu.be/0FKlwhjdENc