It is hard to know where to begin. First I want to congratulate you on your achievement. Little acorns grow into mighty oaks! An idea you had has become JPF and we are all better off because of it. Independent musicians who are uniquely talented and far more diversified than many current hit artists in narrow genres, have a voice and a platform to be seen and heard. Recognition! It's the 60's Internet style.
I was thrilled to have "Roamin' On The High Seas" nominated in the 'Traditional Folk Song' category, and I appreciated getting to perform it at the "After-Awards" show.
I very much enjoyed the eclectic selection of performers. If had to pick standouts they would be Michael Allen Harrison, Julianne Markavich, Kourosh Zolani, Karen Bentley, The Poxy Boggards, The Totem Maples and Eve Selis.

The atmosphere was very supportive and the show well run. Who was that great host? It was an example to the music industry of what can happen when a grass roots movement provides what people are creating rather than what the industry thinks we want to hear. Most of us would rather listen to talent than 'product' in any genre and that's exactly what your awards show provided. Music has to go in this direction.

Here is another example of the benefits of membership. Networking. Because of the show I met and got to know Brian Sadler of the Totem Maples. I really enjoyed his playing. He brought his Hammond B3 to my studio and played a great part on a song for my next CD.
By the way I am one of the missing camera holders and as soon as they are developed I will send them.

Thanks again,

Peter Quentin