Hey JPFolksters!
I am so siked to see that we are nominated for this years awards. We had put so much work over the years making our music together and when something like this comes around it makes it all worth while.....with that being it said I would like to thank all of you for your hard work in making this community the cool joint that it is : ) I cannot believe how big this place has become. The first time I saw it on the web I remember telling Marc and Pete about this cool grassroots thing that someone was putting together and that maybe we should try a few gigs on their next East Coast Tour. A few years later there's nearly 20,000 members and were jammin' at the awards show at in LA...It's so coooool!
Thanks Brian, Linda and the rest of the JPfolksters
LOL and Peace, bill
btw - if your near Harvard Square MA on Dec 11th please come out and see me with Felix McTeigue (maggie roches son) at club passim.
if you would like to hear some audio please visit me at http://www.vonem.com/bill