Songwriting Workshop

Whether you're an aspiring lyricist, composer, rock star, American Idol or Broadway diva, knowing the art AND craft of songwriting is a must. This workshop will help you hone your skills with the guidance of two professional songwriters and performers, Liv Cummins and Sandy McKnight. Not only will you learn song structure, rhyme schemes and other basics of the craft, you also will find out how to "pitch" your songs, how the music business works and how to make a great demo of your song. You'll write your own songs and get a chance to collaborate with other writers. What is the secret to writing songs that pack an emotional wallop? Find out by signing up for the Songwriting Workshop.
6 Sessions, BTC Meeting Room 1
Mon., 2/27 - 4/10, 7-10 p.m.
No class 3/20
Liv Cummins and Sandy McKnight, Instructors