My New Year's wish for all of you includes but is not limited to the following:
May you find:
Peace, Love, Health, the words to that song that have been eluding you, many smiles, a few dollars in the pocket of a coat you have not worn since last year, companionship, perfect pitch, the lost chord, a friend that you have not heard from in ages, the innocence of a child, something you really love to eat that actually takes weight OFF every time you eat too much of it, at least one opportunity every day to laugh out loud, time for yourself, something about you that you never knew, many wonderful gigs, lenient officers of the law any time you get pulled over, will-power, something good to say EVERY day....there's more, but I have to go now as my time is short today (see what I mean?!). If you're playing out tonight, make sure you play Auld Lang Syne, and do a good job!!
Your humble coordinator,

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