With so much happenning I am sure many are doing something out there for all the poor folks who in many cases lost everything or all. Anyhow I too personally know several familiews lost, and several families still missing
I do a lot of work with IRRF a foundation in helping in medical and disaster situatin for over 25 years... a great organizatin. I have a musical friend who since high school we sstarted a band together, just recently he bacame homeless again as his other pulled a gun and threated him in her fit of drunken rage, thinking things out he is will to go this coming weeekend or soon as he has no ties and work in Selma Alabama with several non-denominational groups taking in about 1000 folks so I am putting together a fund for hi to go there... WE already have tickett for his flight to SElma and other than that he cant really take to much of physical things but he is planning to be ther till next summer at least..
email me aat chrisbihary@aol.com or post and Help out personally
thank you