Hey. I just had to share my story!!!! I bought tickets to the Tom Petty concert through a hard to get online ticket broker for $800. They were 6th row center seats at Hi Fi Buys. I bought them for myself and my daughter, Amber. She was in a showdown at Sweetwater and they won the first round. The second round was September 22 - the night of the concert. I waivered back and forth as to whether I should go to the concert or go to my daughter's gig to support her and her band. My husband was going to be out of town in Houston and I couldn't find anyone that was head over heels in love with Tom like I was so I decided to try and sell the tickets. I first put them up on E-bay = no bites. Second I put them up on Stub Hub - not bites. Finally, after lowering the price to $400 I sold the tickets to a Tom Petty fanatic.

Now that is dedication!!!!!