LEAD GUITARIST NEEDED IMMEDIATELY to replace ours, who has become increasingly unhappy & unreliable & KEYBOARD PLAYER WANTED to expand my POWER POP BAND with BIG connections! FILL-IN GUITARIST WELCOME until we find a permanent one. MUST HAVE OWN TRANSPORTATION AND BE WILLING TO TRAVEL. I live in Ipswich, MA. Bass & Drums live in Maine. We take turns practicing in each state. We gig out most weekends and our next gig is on 6/10. See http://www.CookieCutterGirl.com for a full list of gigs. I'm Lynn JULIAN aka Cookie Cutter Girl and I play rhythm guitar, sing lead and write a lot of Power Pop/Modern Rock songs that are RADIO READY. I've already placed 7 songs off my CD, "Cookie Cutter Girl," on 17 compilation CD which are receiving AIRPLAY ON OVER 500 RADIO STATIONS internationally. I also act as my band's publicist, and have gotten us in ROLLING STONE, MUSIC CONNECTION & many more publications. (PRESS KIT PAGE of the website has a full list.) I welcome *YOUR* original Pop/Rock songs!

To please Maine audiences, we were playing cover tunes: 70s & 80s CLASSIC ROCK and gigging out most weekends. Click on the "Jam" page of CookieCutterGirl.com. Click on the "Meet the Band" link. Click on the "cover tunes" link to see a full list, which we are in the process of upgrading. We have live concert videos on NO HIT VIDEOS & EVOLVING ARTISTS TELEVISION (eaTV) streaming live to 12 COUNTRIES. We almost ALWAYS get paid, but sometimes do important promotional gigs, like performing LIVE ON THE RADIO.

My Girl Power Superhero alter ego is RISING FAST, so traveling in New England is a MUST. If you are a musician looking for the opportunity of a lifetime to have your new band, and/or music, promoted 15 hours a day for FREE, email me TODAY! Cookie Cutter Girl just got picked up by UP ENTERTAINMENT in Hollywood, who is pitching us in Nashville. We are also signing with Transit Music Group, who will be booking us on a college tour for next Spring. I have been called the "Queen of internet promotions" and will work EVERYDAY, ALL DAY, until "Cookie Cutter Girl: Pop Superhero" is a household name. There is a theme song, comic book & cartoon in production already, so we now get 12,000 hits per day and have an ALEXA.COM ranking of 1,000,000. Who wants to join the movement?

I have a FULL PA, and practice space in my Augusta, ME & Ipswich, MA homes, but no vehicle. So I rideshare with our manager and other band members. I have NO doubt that we will be signed by an Indie label. (See my website below to read the stellar reviews my music has received.) Gigging experience is NOT necessary, but transportation is. I have the knowledge, experience and connections to make this project fly! Hear my CD: CookieCutterGirl.com.

"Girl Power POP with a PUNCH" on 500+ TV & Radio Stations!

Strength Through Unity!

JULIAN aKa CCG Pop Superhero

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