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Hey Folks,

It's official - Smash Magazine has secured a deal with the Vans Warped Tour to be on tour with them for a majority of the California and Arizona shows. During this time we want to make available to our readers and the general public 10,000 free promotional/compilation CD's. We this in mind, we have an opportunity for you! Smash Magazine is looking for touring indie label or unsigned bands who want to be part of the first annual Smash Comp CD, which will be distributed at the Warped Tour in Southern California, and Arizona, plus select locations in Las Vegas. So, you're probably asking yourselves, "what are all the details of this amazing promotional opportunity for my band?"

Well, it's real easy. You submit a CD with the recorded, mixed and mastered version of the song you'd like included on the compilation, along with a $10 non-refundable submission fee (payable to Smash Magazine), and band contact info to the address below. The song can be no longer than 3 minutes long. Then, the Smash Magazine staff will carefully choose the 22 songs that best represent the Smash demographic (keep in mind recording quality goes a LONG way, so unless you can get it mastered in a professional studio, I'd refrain from recording in your Mom's garage), and those 22 songs will be chosen for the CD.

Once your song is chosen, a $300 fee will be charged (hey, we have to pay for this thing), but that $300 not only gets you a song on the CD but it also gets you a 1/4 page ad in the July/August issue of Smash, AND 100 copies of the CD for you to give away or sell or use as frisbees or whatever. So, you could sell off a few copies of the CD and recoup your $300, then give the rest away to friends and family.

The exposure is can't put a value on the amount of people who will be hearing your music, and seeing your ad. Don't wait around on this, folks. Get your songs in ASAP. The deadline for submissions is May 13th. Any CDs received after that date will not be considered, no matter how good they are, and the $10 submission fee will not be refunded.

Good luck, and may the best bands be chosen to represent the Southwest's number 1 source for local and national music.

Any questions regarding the policies or rules regarding the CD should be addressed to, and should include "CD Comp Question" in the subject line.

Ryan & the Smash Magazine Staff

Ryan Kinder - Managing Editor
Smash Magazine
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Las Vegas, NV 89147
AIM: SomethingVicious

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