Emmett North Jr. former guitarist for Barry White, Isaac Hayes, Chuck Berry & Wolfman Jack has released four of his own cd's two jazz fusion cd Ep's 'In The Zone' & 'The Groove',a r&b cd Ep 'I'll Never Let You Go', and dance/hip hop cd Ep 'Wrap Me In Your Love'.You can listen or purchase my music,see videos,bio & photo gallery at my site: www.interjazz.com/emmettnorthjr. and or the cd stores: www.cdstreet.com/artists/emmettnorthjr., www.earbuzz.com/emmettnorthjr., www.buyindiemusic.com/jazz.htm, www.artistdirect.com/, www.cdbaby.com/group/emmettnorthjr., http://music.towerrecords.com/towermusic? For Bookings, Agent: Dial M Productions,attn: Peggy Phillips,818 953 4256,cell:818 321 6560, fax: 818 845 2237,web: www.dialm.com.The staff here at North Star Music hope you enjoy the music and purchase a cd or two sincerely,N.S.M.