The Philadelphia Songwriters Project “Beyond Measure”

The Philadelphia Songwriters Project is seeking an experienced Stage Manager and a Volunteer Coordinator for a major concert event scheduled for April 14, 2007 to be held at Centennial Hall (650 seats) in Haverford, PA.

This event will feature 10 local/regional songwriters and 6 premier
choirs bringing the total number of performers to around 200 people.

Choirs: Anna Crusis; SheWho; Nanikha; John Murray & Worship; Neo Men's Chorus; Combined Select Choirs of Germantown Academy & Wissahicken High School.

Songwriters: Liz Miller/Dan May; Tania Alexandra; Adrienne Hamilton;Bonnie Warren; John Torres/David Ivory; Roy Shenberg; Erik Mitchell;Joy Simone; Adrienne Hardy; Maggi, Pierce & EJ

Arrangers: James Wade; John Conahan

We're looking for a STAGE MANAGER who has experience working with group performers and shows featuring multiple acts. If you have this experience, plus a calm and diplomatic attitude, and the ability to give direction to keep a complex production running smoothly, please contact:

Dena Marchiony, Executive Director
The Philadelphia Songwriters Project
P.O. Box 69
Ardmore, PA 19003

We're also looking for a VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR who can help us recruit and manage a corps of volunteers needed for parking, ushers, ticket sellers/takers, programs, and other essential duties. If you have experience working with groups of volunteers, are friendly, outgoing, and organized, please contact:

Donna (that's me) at 267-918-5880 or

If you are interested in volunteering for the event and would like
to put your name on the list now, please contact:

Donna Conaway Morrissey

Program book ads are available now:
1/4 Page business card 2.25"x 3.75"horizontal or vertical $130
1/2 Page 5"W x 3.75"H $250
Full Page 5"W x 8"H $350

For sponsorship opportunities call Dena Marchiony at 610-896-7664 or

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Questions/comments are welcome. Anyone interested in volunteering is invited to e-mail me.

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