Hello. I believe myself to be one of the best songwriters alive. Ill admit I am ignorant, but that is my belief so I'll act on it and not beat around the bush. I am, however, a terrible singer, but a moderate keyboard player (not at a proffesional level, but I got my grade 8 before I stopped classical). I would love to put some of my life into the music industry, be it selling songs, or having a moderately succesful band or something along those lines. I am exceedingly ambitious and dedicated, so what do I do? Is there a specific book I should read or someone I should talk to ? Thanks, Rafe Malach.


(By the way, I know the songs on this site, while good, are not the best songs ever written. I know Im not there yet, but I hope to approach that some day. I also know, that everyone thinks they are the best in the world, even William Hung, so the odds of me actually being the best are fairly low)