Hi there.

(Sorry, I'm going to post this on the three main forums, so that I don't miss anyone who might potentially help. Apologies if that offends, but time is of the essence.)

I am in the midst of working on a formal marketing plan, and in order to get through the objectives I need to formulate a clear company mission statement and vision/aims statements. I have done the mission statement, and it's clear and concise. It would be REALLY helpful if some generous, not-easily-threatened industry professional out there could help an 'indie' by providing or leading me to access to a small to medium-sized record label's business plan, or just the company vision/aims and marketing objectives/strategies (in an ideal world, all, but any will do).

Can ANYONE help? Generally, record labels are pretty tightlipped about this kind of stuff, but it's not rocket science. I can drum up these lists myself, but am under the gun for time and would appreciate some ideas.

Any assistance, most appreciated. I would certainly undertand if this info is too sensitive to post publicly, and I can be contacted directly via my website email, and in turn I am willing to share my own plan as it unfolds or when it is done.

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