Hey all,

Over the last two years, my band Big With Seed (rock/folk/blues/soul) has recorded a demo and an EP, both of which were used as promotional material - we handed them out at shows for free to the audience. In both cases, the discs were just burned on home computers and put in common CD envelopes that can be bought at Staples or anywhere else.

We are now working on our first serious album. We are unsigned and working with our own money, but plan to do it up right. We want to have a polished, pressed product that we can eventually make available in Pittsburgh area stores through consignment, solicit to radio stations and record companies, make available on CD Baby, etc and see what we can make happen...

I have asked quite a few people about ASCAP/BMI orgs, but have run into very few that are actually members of either.

I suppose I have two questions...

1) Do I register BIG WITH SEED or do I register each individual songwriter in order to receive royalties? (We basically consider all songs to be jointly written by all 5 members)

2) Are there really any real benefits one company has over the other?

I have also read that an artist/band should be registered if their music is available online. Our music has been available online for a long time now via our website, MySpace, PureVolume, SonicBids, etc. Should I be jumping right on this?

Thank you so much for any guidance!


"I don't know, don't really care,
Let there be songs to fill the air..."