Ipswich, MA.: Lynn Julian AKA Cookie Cutter Girl is offering a rare "Fan Opportunity" for her fans to become Executive Producers on her upcoming CD this Fall. There are 5 levels of sponsorship, ranging from $50-$1,000 and the deadline is Sept. 16th. LEVEL 1, for only $50, includes 4 Autographed copies of Julian's holiday, comedy CD, "Ham for the Holidays," due out this Fall, before the release date + 1 Autographed Poster + 1 "Cookie Cutter Girl" T Shirt or Tiara/Headband + "Cookie Cutter Girl" 1 Sticker + 1 Magnet! LEVEL 5, the top level of sponsorship, is called: "Adopt A Song." Ever dream of being a musician or music executive? Have you always wanted to read YOUR name in the credits of a big entertainment industry project? Have you always wanted to be, or are you already a strong patron of the arts? If you answered "Yes!" to even *one* of these questions, opportunity is knocking on your door. Fulfill your dream through this rare opportunity to adopt a song by award winning, internationally acclaimed, songwriter, Lynn Julian. You can be the Executive Producer for one specific song on her upcoming CD. This means that your name will appear in the liner notes with a credit that you facilitated the recording of that particular song. You may choose from the following songs: Ham for the Holidays (Tommy Turkey's comic plight to stay out of the oven)I Tricked Nick (Who knew Santa had a HOT little nephew?) Fruitcake (Sung by the loneliest item on any holiday buffet) If Farts Were Made Out of Superball Stuff ( ... bounce right back, when they fell from your butt) Art (Disney-like story about a misunderstood pet snake) Level 5 is $1000 and includes 20 Autographed copies of Julian's CD, before the release date + Autographed Posters + 1 "Cookie Cutter Girl" T Shirt or Tiara/Headband + 20 Patches + 20 Stickers + 20 Magnets, a framed Song Adoption Certificate for your wall and 4 Limited Edition Invitations to Julian's CD release party, and ... Executive Producer credit for the song of your choice in the liner notes of the CD.

Lynn Julian, was commissioned by the "Trouble With Turkey" coalition to compose the theme song for their latest campaign. Their spokesperson is Tommy, a ten year old turkey, who is trying to educate humans about alternatives to their typical holiday feast this season: HIM. The focal point of the awareness campaign is HAM: itís juicier for roasting, turkeyís dry. They hope Julian's theme song, "Ham For The Holidays," will help folks remember this fact. Dr. Demento loved the tune so much he brought international attention to the song when he played it 2 weeks in a row during the 2004 holiday season. This was a tremendous honor, as Julian's indie song was played between big name artists Adam Sandler and Arlo Guthrie. Julian recently also received international recognition when her song won Honors in this years' Great American Song Contest. This artist feels SO strongly about her conviction that she has made the theme song track #1 on her upcoming CD due out this Fall, "Ham for the Holidays." Please give this song, and this international issue oppressing all turkeys, the attention that it deserves by listening to it and sharing it with friends and family this holiday season. Itís a catchy little number we just *know* youíre going to love. Hear it now at: Http://www.broadjam.com/LynnJulian Read the full details on how to become an Executive Producer on this CD here: http://www.lynnjulian.com/fanopportunity_text_iframe.htm

Currently, Julian is concentrating on promoting her new Girl Power Pop CD, "Cookie Cutter Girl," whose songs are now on over 500 TV & radio stations. Cookie 'Cutter' Girl is her Superhero alter ego, who is freeing women everywhere from the mold in which society holds them captive. Julian CO-write the comic with Sonic Comics' Justine Fontes, the "Queen of Liscenced Children's Books." It's being produced by Ron Fontes, who is the ex-Art Director for Marvel Comics. Meet 'Cutter,' see a preview of the upcoming comic book, and hear her Girl Power Pop CD, "Cookie Cutter Girl," at: http://www.CookieCutterGirl.com. You can also win a free CD by simply signing up for her free music newsletter. ###

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