March 10, 2005


Maybe You Have Heard Of Me.
My Name Is Valkyrie.
I Sing In The Rock Opera Band Men Not Gods.

A Funny Thing Has Happened To Me On The Way To Entering The Rehearsal And Recording Process With My New Line Up Of Musicians.

I Realized That I Need A Manager. A Real One Who Understands Who Valkyrie Is As An Artist, As A Person And Where I Have Been Leading Men Not Gods For The Last 8 Years.

It Took Me A Year To Pull This Group Of Musicians Together. We Are Only Now Jamming On The Tunes That Will Soon Become My Third Studio Release, "Ascent". Only I Am Not Convinced That I Should Remain In Illinois.

Why Not Nashville. Why Not Los Angeles.

I Am Writing This Message To Reach Out For Help. Are There Any Managers Online Here That Have Room For One More Artist On Their Roster. Can Anyone Here Point Me In The Right Direction Leading To Management.

I Know Management Is Important I Swear I Do.

Men Not Gods Has A Working Website Where You Can Listen To Some Songs And Read Into The Governing Philosophy Of The Project.

Thank You For Your Attention.



Men Not Gods
800 W. Mill Street #806A
Carbondale, IL 62901