The Worlds First Internet Rock Opera
"The Planet of Forbidden Music"

was written in 22 music video segments. Most are animated so each will look, and sound different.
It is at

Each of the 22 song/segments will star at least five artists in the final version of the web movie. They will come from the fields below.

Two years of production Contests will start in August, but the site is nearly ready and the Rap Rocn'demos are playin' so check them out.

All correctly entered art, tunes or scene directions, will be rated by the audience before they can play, hear, or see the next entry. The scoring screens will have the artist's names, contact info and/or their email and web site link.

Over those two years we will charge the audience nothing to judge the entries, provided they register and agree to
receive email copies of the artist's scoring screen.

They could be rating an artist for up to two years. Then currant stars from each field will be asked to help pick the top entries from the highest rated in each song/segment.

The top entries will play in the final web
version so hundreds of artists will receive several more years of worldwide exposure.

We hope to have final rules posted by July
The contest categories are:



Film Directors

Storyboard Illustrators

Active Web Developers

Subject to changes

The Roc N Rap Funk Band The False Prophets are forming for live summer shows in Ohio to play some of the tuned from a New Rock Opera, "The Planet of Forbidden Music" and other new tunes.

Go to, find and click the name FALSE Prophets on the home page to find 15 demo's of the Live tunes.

If you dig their potential, you are a dependable team Player that loves to roc, you have lots of stage groove and integrity, let us know your experience, numbers, and your level of interest.
Contact Clyde Dee At