Hi everyone:

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Songwriters, I am pleased to be offering a fun and inexpensive, yet powerful seminar to develop and heighten your artistic journey. Introducing DOOR NUMBER FOUR, the first Aritistic Uncovery Seminar of its kind. There are still a few slots left for this seminar, which begins March 16 here in the LA Area.

DOOR NUMBER FOUR is for you if any of the following are true:

* You feel your songwriting has become stagnant
* You aren’t connecting with your audience
* You are uncertain of your artistic identity
* You unfavorably and painfully compare yourself to others
* You are resigned and/or cynical with respect to your art
* You struggle to balance your life as an artist with your “other life”
* You are going to release a CD and you want to make sure it's REALLY GOOD and something you're proud of/confident in.


* A songwriting workshop (although you will work on songwriting)
* A music business seminar
* Predictable
* Like the three doors that came before

Each DOOR NUMBER FOUR Workshop is limited to eight participants.

Cost: (introductory rate!) $200 for 12 meetings and weekly coaching/support call.
Materials not included. Payment may be made in monthly installments.

For more info: http://www.alpolito.net/DoorNumberFour.html