Without any further ado,

Al I ask is if you please listen to these demos, as I am the original creator. Both songs have been submitted to Arnel Pineda, lead singer of Journey and by Journeys' official email address. Please give me your honest opinion. Okay?

Tell It Like It Is (A song without a chorus, a revved up "Stairway To Heaven" Deep, dark and flowing.

Sunshine Bubbly (Demo) | William Mahler
Sunshine Bubbly (Demo) by William Mahler, Rock music from Yarmouth, MA on ReverbNation
www.reverbnation.com www.reverbnation.com
Sunshine Bubbly (A mix of "Walks Like A Lady" & "Human Feel" & "Precious Time")

In the event Journey passes (I have no reason to believe they would.) You and I can put more instruments to these.

For nearly the last two weeks, Bruce Springsteen and his publicity company, Shorefire Media has received from me an account of 091101, life before and to this day. If he does make an album complete, as I have learned he's in blueprint stage, expect something as dark as any Devils' & Dust 2005 shows mixed in with the simplicity of U2's "The Unforgettable Fire" meets The Joshua Tree" era U2.

Now, for some bootlegs!!!!!!

https://mahlers.net/brucespringsteenandtheestreetband.zip near 8GB

https://mahlers.net/U2Concerts.zip near 4 GB

https://mahlers.net/QueenBootlegs01.zip 3GB
https://mahlers.net/QueenBootlegs02.zip 4GB
https://mahlers.net/QueenBootlegs03.zip 3GB

Let me know your unbiased opinion.

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