you get my email?
cause that is a real olive branch
that you
you caused me undo stress
and financial problems
what am i to thijnk of you
Mila missed a call from you
Wed, 11:07 PM
I got your email William
ya so?

My words and vocals, spliced together with your vocals and guitar?
one of your photos is at my
please send me some lyrics
your words
ill attempt them
and give them to journey
And what will they do with that ?
could leave it on file
cou,ld be the driiving factor for a SINGLE
they seemingly know of me
may i introduce you to journey? ihis site run by his brother, arnel is journeys lead singer
there is a song by coverdale & page im going to cover and i h hope you understand, how i am to you? how you are to people?
take me for a little while
im sending you an mp3
but i do hope you send me some lyrics, and notes
those i'll glady cover
Babe, you know it will take me some time to start composing lyrics now.
And I also noticed you have thing with FBI ?
What's up with you and FBI??
if you have words, any words, anything, old diary? a page of your life, i can turn into music
direct from the source yoiu to me
i hope i dong have to hunt the net for them
fbi? ii am a civilian intell expert
and you, know human traffickig
the fbi is clean in my life,,,,locals law and health care are dirty
im sending you an mp3 in 10 mins
how does muisic get seolected for your videos?
i guess what im getiting at
if i make a song, lyridc, sing it
that music gets put in your next video?
there are those who tell me, that you are my equal unlike anyone else
if you only knew from looking in a mirros
exactly how beautiful you are
what could i ever say to get you to talk to me??
its been told to me, the big guy I got in a fight with thursday is one of your recent lovers
Listen William
I got ni liver around there okay .
And I don't know anything about human trafficking okay
Tell me, why don't you get unemployment check from the government ?
but the feds think oyiu do
Well I don't .
ukraine is reason to wonder
So you let them know .
from the usa side, ukraine is one of the top 3 corrupt countries
well, i believe you mila
how could you not know?
Because I don't know.
those people you had me send money too
What ??
You think they are human traffickers ?
Hell no .
I told you.
or worse
if so, why did the bank refuse them?
Us that why you didnt want to send me any more money ?
andr refuse to let me do busiiness of zelle
you are freee to do as you will, but those who took my money
the feds know about
i dont send money
not now thaet i am close to being hired by the biden admin
Listen , am not asking you to send money okay .
I also want you to get hired alright .
So what is the feds doing about those who received the money ?
its out of my hands
but, it gets those of whom got my money, exposed to law
if \you were a bull, your nuts would drag on the ground..
Listen what up with you getting hired by biden admin ?
that some courage
in any capacity
office of arts and sciences would be great
with a huge foot into the director of natiional intel

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